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Surprises and Life Changes

Hey there, friends. It has been quite a while since I came into this space for a chat. I thought I was finding a rhythm of  coming here once a week, like I did in the beginning of this journey. However, life has thrown some surprises my way in recent months, and I have just not had the where-with-all to come as often as I'd like. Just know that I do miss you all and this table, when I'm away. :)

I wanted to share a bit of an update on what's going on behind the scenes in our family. This space was always meant to be a place for open, honest conversation and I find that I cannot write anything worth reading if it's not coming from authenticity.

First, God surprised me in a BIG way about four months ago. I was getting my bearings again after the wild roller coaster I went on in my writing journey, when God just dropped this idea in my mind.

"Start an online group for women who want to overcome past pain."

I was completely unaware of what God had in mind, so I said,…

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