A Cherished Desire..

By definition to be ambitious is to have a cherished desire. When I read this it struck a nerve with me. I heard recently that one reason we fall into sin so often is because we are ambitious. I always thought ambition was necessary and important for success. If you lack ambition you lack motivation...right? Well, maybe not. I doubt Adam and Eve were ambitious at creation. God walked with them and that was enough. They didn't crave anything except His presence. 

Then everything changed....

From the moment Eve and Adam ate of the fruit their desire for God was conflicted by their desire for self....a cherished desire was born. The self nature wastes no time in manifesting itself. Eve blames the snake, Adam blames Eve and so the story goes. I am so much like Eve. I am so much like Adam. 

God told the Israelites they could have no other God's before him. That was the first command He gave them. God knew. He knew I would fight tooth and nail for my desires. He knew my ability to cherish something above Him. The thing about ambition is that we are never ambitious because we seek God's glory. Our ambition leads to our own glory...that's why its ambition! We crave those cherished desires so we can receive recognition. Maybe "Lord use me" is not what I should be praying. Even in my desire to reach people with God's truth I am asking Him to use ME. When Jesus prayed in the garden before his arrest, He pleaded with God to find someone else. He showed us His human struggle with self. His final words, however, were "your will be done". He set aside personal desire and said "to God be the glory". Hanging on a cross doesn't really sound like a way to give God glory but we know how the story goes. I am so glad Jesus wasn't ambitious. God's glory was His most cherished desire! 

So now I must look inside myself and see what my cherished desires are. Perhaps what I thought was a desire for God's glory is only a desire for self promotion. "You will have no other God's before me". Self is a God. Ambition is a God. He is the potter and I am the clay..

"Yet you Lord are our Father. We are the clay you are the Potter; we are all the work of your hand." 
Isaiah 64:8


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