A Devoted Worshiper..

Worship is devotion. To be devoted it to be committed.. At the core of who I am is this need to be devoted...and devotion breeds relationship. God created me to worship Him so He could have relationship with me. That is why He walked in the garden in the beginning...for fellowship. He already had angels worshiping but he wanted a creation He could relate with. Why else would He create me in His image? Maybe this big God of the universe wanted a friend, a daughter, a son...someone to laugh with and cry with. Its possible that my creator wasn't looking for another creation that bows down before Him because they have no choice but perhaps He needed to see worship coming from a heart with a choice.

If all of this is true then how can worship be anything less than devotion?

I am tempted at times to make worship into an event. It is very easy to slip into this pattern of "labeling" worship. But worship is devotion and devotion is not an event. If I claim commitment to Christ then worship will flow from me in the way I live my life. God is not deceived. He knows what real worship looks like and He is not fooled when I offer Him a moment in my life rather than offering Him my life. The Psalmist says "you created my inmost beings...you knit me together in my mothers womb". I am compelled to worship; to be devoted.

Once again, I am brought back to the simple fact that my imperfection is what makes this devotion so difficult. I want to be completely devoted, to worship with my whole heart but so many things get in the way. Of course, in God's original plan this would have been easy. There was no temptation to be devoted to myself; my devotion to God would have been pure. So God decided to come live with us to show us the meaning of pure devotion.  Every word spoken, every deed done, was a cry to all of humanity that God's devotion is unfailing and that He understood I could not offer that back to Him. So He made a way. Doesn't it always come back to Jesus? He gave what I could not give so that I could have what was out of my reach. When the meaning of devotion becomes hazy and this broken world clouds my view I can look to the cross and it compels me. It compels me to worship with my whole heart in every part of my life but it also reminds me that I don't have to get it right every time. Worship is not about perfection. In fact, it is in my weakness He is worshiped. It is in my doubt He can be glorified. When I offer my imperfect devotion to Him, he accepts it gladly and always responds with His perfect devotion. I worship Him for being my creator and I am devoted to Him because He is devoted to me...and He always will be.

"the Word became human and lived here on earth among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the only Son of the Father."
John 1:14


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