Even Creation Speaks of it!

I have been awakened by creation lately.  It is true that we live busy lives and don't often take time to enjoy the beauty of the world. In fact, we really only truly stop and pay attention when disaster strikes. I am from the South where Tornadoes and hurricanes are a normal part of life. Other people live with earthquakes and tsunamis. Other's live with frigid winters that bring blizzards lasting for days. I have often been perplexed by these things and found myself wondering why God allows such destruction in this world. It's easy for me to believe God created the perfection of the Rose or the vastness of the Ocean but I have never been able to understand why disaster is a part of this creation. I am not a scientist or a theologian or any other person that might be able to give a detailed explanation of these things...but I do know what I have discovered as I have begun to read God's word with my eyes open to my own sinful nature. The Garden of Eden was perfect. (If you want scientific explanations of what perfection might have been you can google it to find out!) Flowers never withered, plants never died, fruit never rotted, and some say it never rained because there was such a perfect balance of moisture that it was not needed. (this might be why people thought Noah was crazy when He talked about water coming from the sky) God created perfection not only in us, but He made the world perfect for us to live in. Tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes didn't exist. There was no decay..no death.
When God told Adam not to eat the fruit or He would die there was so much more to that than just his physical death. God was warning him. Adam's world was perfect but there was no way he could live in a perfect world with death in his heart. When Adam and Eve made their choice they not only chose death for themselves but for all of creation. So I have come to realize that God did not create this world with all the destruction we have to live with. The destruction is a part of a fallen world that has not yet been made perfect again. So I guess the real question is why does God allow these things to happen when He has the power to change it? The reality is that God isn't recreating the world around us. He is recreating us. Through Christ I can be made perfect in God's sight. I can be made perfect in this imperfect world. Until Christ comes back for us and redeems us and restores order to Earth it will continue to decay under the weight of sin and destruction. The hope for me is that even though I may face destruction I cannot control, I can rest knowing that God hold me in the palm of His hand. So maybe there is more to that verse that says Creation cries out to God. Creation does cry out not just of God's glory but also of the burden of imperfection we have brought to it. There are those who say that natural disaster is God's vengeance against sin. That is simply not true. Destruction on this Earth is nothing more than Creation moaning under the weight of imperfection. I believe God's heart breaks when He sees what He meant for life bringing death. I believe what He wants us to see is that He is anxious to bring that perfection back to Earth and show us the fullness of His Glory. So, when these disasters hit I find myself not asking God why but thanking Him for sustaining me in this imperfect place and for His promise that a better world is coming..a world with no death, no sickness, no pain...a world of perfection.


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