Not Of This World

I had an experience last week that reminded me I am fighting an unseen battle. I wont bore you with the details of my experience but I will share with you what God helped me discover. Paul spoke a lot about spiritual warfare in his letters. The Churches he wrote to were, at times, naive in their faith. Paul had a very clear understanding of exactly what he was battling against. In 2 Corinthians 10 he says we do not wage war as humans do but we fight with the weapons of God. It's the next part that really grabbed my attention. "The weapons of God will knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and every false argument."

Human reasoning...

When God created man his mind was perfect. There was no war in his thoughts. Now, because of our fallen nature, the battle rages in our minds. Something I have come to realize about the enemy is that he works within reality. He speaks of what is real. My fear, my failure...the things I KNOW are true. He attempts to remind me of the reality I face in my heart. My past is real. My sin is real. My hurt is real and my fear is very real. So I found myself reading that verse and asking the Holy Spirit, what is my weapon against my own human reasoning? What weapon do I use against the battle in my mind? Ironically, the answer is to fight thoughts with thoughts! When I had that experience last week, for a brief moment, I was stuck in the thoughts of panic and fear...then I heard that whisper in my heart saying God is not the author of fear and confusion. As I made the choice to remember God's love for me the fear and panic faded...and rather quickly I might add! God's word defies reality. His love defies rational thinking. I can't explain it. I don't understand it but HIS word and HIS love always calm my fears and stills my soul. In my thoughts, I must rely on those two things when the enemy tries to distract me. I have felt a passion for God's word lately and I am beginning to reap the benefits of filling myself with it daily. Battles I used to fight over and over seem insignificant in the light of God's truth. You see, my human reasoning may speak things that are true but God's word speaks GREATER truth. His word says "yes that's true, but I say this..." This is why Paul says we use these weapons to fight human reasoning and false argument. When I choose to believe God's truth instead of my own, I will win this fight that is not physical but spiritual. When I choose to believe God's word the enemy is worthless against me. So I challenge you to get in God's word! I have found every weapon I need to fight against darkness in there. Remember that His word and His love are enough to conquer every battle!

 "For the weapons we fight with are not of this world."


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