Yesterday, during the drive to church, Lindsey and I got into the conversation of what Easter is all about. Her child like faith is simple. She asked me (again) why Jesus died on the cross and so I told her, in simple words. Helping her understand that we are all born with sinful hearts was a bit challenging but it was her response to me that made me want to weep and rejoice at the same time. She looked down at her hands and said "Mommy, my heart feels different when I do bad things." After getting control of my emotions, (lol) I explained to her that it was a good thing that her heart feels different...it means Jesus is in there whispering to her what she can do differently. Children know how to get right to the heart of things! So, as I walked in to church with her, my heart was swollen at the thought of what we had discussed. I think my little girl summarized exactly what it means to follow Jesus. It feels...different.

My human nature is dark and wounded. I was born with a desire for evil..not good. Until I encountered the enormous love of Christ I did not know things could be different. Lindsey Grace now feels differently about disobeying or lying or provoking her sister(okay, maybe not that last one:)..because she has encountered Christ. There is truth to that line "I was born this way." The desire to sin feels natural...at first.

 When we meet Jesus it feels familiar also. Different yes, but familiar. Something inside says, "I recognize this". Just as sin seems so normal, when I hear the truth of Christ, it makes sense. It rings deep in my heart. Why? Because God's thumb print is in my heart just as the mark sin has left. I was not created to be imperfect. I was not created to sin. I was not created to hurt. I was created to love, and be holy as God is holy. It does feel very different when I choose to walk Christ's road instead of my own. Everything he asks of me seems to go against what I think I want. Yet, as I open the door to Him and give him room to sit and talk with me, I find that I want to be different. Actually, I find that I want to be like Him. I begin to forget why those dark things made so much sense. When my Creator talks to me my entire heart comes to life. When I reflect on the sin I choose I realize I feel no life in it..only darkness.  My five year old does not yet understand the entire truth Jesus is offering her. What she does know is that because Jesus lives within her, she struggles with her choices..and she feels different.

Easter is about something very different. "Yes", I told Lindsey. "It feels different because Jesus wants something else for you." Do you feel that difference? My heart is full this Easter season..more than ever before. Jesus gives me reason to rejoice. I rejoice because He is my God and I rejoice because he gives me room to work out my salvation with grace and mercy. I know that my struggle with this "normal" self will not go away until the day He brings me home...but I have hope now. Jesus has made everything right again and I can live in the knowledge that He pours His perfection on me and everything is...different.

For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:21


  1. From the mouths of babes... :-D Yay Lindz!!

    like the new look, but I can't see the scripture reference on the bottom very well.

  2. I wonder if Jesus has macaroni and cheese on him!

  3. funny Momma...I told Lindsey that story and she just looked at me like I was crazy. ha!


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