God is Enough

If you know my family, you know that the biggest conversation in our house right now is Lacey's allergies. We are still on the hunt for answers and food that doesn't cause her pain. This struggle is long and tiring and I remind myself daily that God's grace is sufficient for me. I guess I want to write this blog to encourage you in your own struggle and to remind you that God is good...no matter what. I think when we live by faith and believe with our whole hearts that God is our fortress and deliverer it can be confusing when we don't get the results that we think fit into that definition. I believe with all my heart that God can reach down at any moment and heal my baby. I also know that this world is no longer right and that affects everything. I have been in church my whole life and heard all the arguments for why we don't receive the "right" answer to our prayers sometimes. How can I know what is the right answer? I am merely human and I see things through a very narrow window. God is infinite. His ways are not my ways. His plan is bigger than mine. So while there are many answers I don't have there are some things I know to be true and I can hold tightly to those things. I KNOW my God is for Lacey and not against her. I KNOW He loves my baby more than I ever could. I KNOW He has plans to prosper her and not to harm her. I also know that God does hear my prayers...all of them.
I am reminded of the story of Job. Now that is a story of trial and tribulation. Job loved God and God loved Job. God loved him so much that he trusted him. God trusted Job. When Satan suggested that the only reason Job loved God was because his life was so blessed, God did not hesitate to disagree and then challenged him to test Job and see how deep this love was. At first thought it sounds odd that a God who claims to love unconditionally and wants only good would allow the enemy to bring affliction to one of his children. How can this be? This is where I remind myself that God does not think the way I do or look at life the way I do. God was interested in Job's soul...his eternal self. If the enemy had any clue he would have left this one alone! God trusted Job because Job did not love Him based on what He did or didn't do for him. Job had a pure love for God that did not change based on circumstance. It was because of that love that Job refused to curse God and die. God's word is a cry to us for unwavering devotion. He seeks people who will love selflessly as He has loved. I will not serve God based on the way He answers my prayers. I will serve Him because He is God.
When Lacey is older I will tell her that God strengthened her during this battle. I will tell her that He poured grace on her when she didn't even understand. I will tell her that He has loved her from the foundation of the World. I will tell her to love Him even when it hurts.
I don't know what all of you are struggling with. Your may need physical healing, or your marriage might need healing, or maybe you need a job. Whatever you need, I encourage you to love God no matter what.  Serve Him because He is God. Believe His word even when you don't understand. He does see. He does hear. He is for you and not against you. Look for Him in your trial. Seek His grace and mercy. He will not withhold it from you. He is the everlasting God, Creator of all things and perfecter of our faith. He was with you and me before this trial and He will be there forever after.

"...my grace is all you need . My power works best in weakness." 2 Cor. 12:9


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