As a Parent, I would say the hardest lesson to teach is obedience. Last night I had yet another opportunity (lol) to teach my oldest daughter about obedience. She had been given instructions not to touch her sister (I'm sure most parents are easily picturing this conversation with their own children). What happened you may ask? Well, I looked in the rear view mirror and to my shock (not really) she was trying to tickle her sister! So, as always I issued the punishment (no treat!). When we got back to our house she climbed out of her seat and came to me very confused about the whole thing. So, sitting in our car in the garage we had a deep one one one talk! She didn't understand why she was being punished because her sister had been giggling and not crying when she tickled her. I explained to her that obedience to Mom and Dad's rules doesn't change based on the circumstance. Just because her Sister was giggling didn't mean it was okay that she disobeyed. We talked a bit more about the whole thing and then came in the house. I couldn't help but feel a little tug on my own heart when I told her that obedience doesn't change based on circumstance.

Does my obedience to my Heavenly Father waver based on circumstance? 

I am reading through the Bible and today my reading just happened to be Numbers 20. The Israelites are complaining (as always!) that there is no water in the desert. Moses and Aaron go before God and He gives them clear instructions to go stand before a rock and raise the staff and command water to come forth. Moses and Aaron go to the rock but they don't obey. Moses strikes the rock instead. God chooses to bring the water forth but it is because of Moses and Aaron's disobedience that they are not allowed to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. God requires complete obedience. 

I had a couple opportunities to obey God's voice this past weekend. One of those was when I knew God wanted me to go to someone and share something but I did the whole "that's not God, that's just me" thing. Then, once I knew for sure it was God I did the whole "not me Lord, I don't know what that is supposed to mean and I will look stupid" thing. Then as clear as anything I've ever heard, God spoke to my heart and said "It's not about you Shannon, just obey." So I did, and as always, when God commands something of me and I obey He gets a lot of glory. How did it feel to know I obeyed the voice of God? Really good! 

I realize more and more that I can be so selfish in my relationship with God. I often go to Him with a list or want to use Him as a crutch to get what I think I need or want. God tells me in his Word that He wants me to love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. How can I do that if I am consumed with concern for myself? Obedience requires abandonment. God is waiting for me to obey without question. A servant obeys the Master without question because He is the Master. I want to trust my God so much that I don't worry about understanding His command to me..I just do what He says because He is my God. That right there is the stumbling block for why it's so hard to obey sometimes...we don't understand! I don't know about you but I have this desperate need to understand and analyze what's going on! Can I get a witness?! It is this need to understand that stops me from being abandoned to God. "But God, that doesn't make sense." "God, why would you want me to do that?" Sound familiar? Romans 11:34 asks "Who can know the mind of God?"  Who can even begin to fathom what God is doing? If I spend my days trying to understand I will always fall short. He is God. I am not. He sees all. I see a little. His eye is on eternity. My eye is stuck in the here and now. I MUST trust that He holds my heart. I cannot afford not to obey my God. I cannot live without Him and that means I must follow His voice...even when I don't get it.
Do you trust God enough to obey Him without question? I pray that everyday you and I come one step closer to knowing He can be trusted and that obedience to His voice brings peace, blessing and fulfillment. When we choose to obey, we show God that He holds our hearts, souls and mind. I choose to obey today. I pray that my heart will win over my mind every time I hear His voice and I will bow before Him without hesitation because...He is my Master and I am His servant.

"Who can know the mind of God? Who has been His counselor?" Romans 11:34


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