Forget Me Not

I have been thinking this past week about the power of memory. I was actually debating whether it was a worthy "blog topic" and then I sat down today to study God's Word and wouldn't you know it...the chapter I studied was about that very thing! I am reading in Deuteronomy (say that ten times fast :). At first it seems that Moses is being rather repetitive in his writing of this book. It appears to just be a recap of what has been done in the past three books and so leaves one asking "why is this book necessary?" Well, at least I asked that question. As always, when I ask God a question, He always pulls lots of details together to give me an answer.

 Memories can bring us closer to those we love but they also have the power to drive us apart. Bitterness comes from memory, but so does love. Joy comes from memory but so does pain. I think we can all agree that it always seems much easier to remember the bad things and forget the good. That, I believe, is why Moses wrote the book of Deuteronomy. He was very aware of the history of these people he was leading. They were so fickle in their devotion. Every time things were good they sang and danced for their God. But, when things got hard they shook their fists in His face and asked why they must suffer. Moses wants them to remember. In fact, Moses knows they will forget and so He writes this book as a point of reference. He tells them to "remember the Lord and all He has done." He tells them to talk about these things with their children, to write them never forget.

Our faith is built on our experience with God. We do not trust Him simply because someone told us too. We trust Him because we see evidence of Him working in our lives. Even in my most painful moment I remember what my Lord has done for me and so I find the strength to continue on. The foundation of our relationship with God is love and love for God grows from walking with Him...from building memories. I like to think of God's word as a scrapbook full of memories. His word tells me He is the same yesterday, today and forever. So, when I read the stories of who He is, I build my life around them. Those memories become my memories.

Israel was quick to forget who they served and they suffered for it. So many years were wasted wandering in  the desert because they forgot in whom they had believed. Imagine how the story would go if they had not forgotten what God had already done for them...remembering is powerful.

Sometimes we face circumstance that overwhelms us and we are not sure what to do or where to turn. These are the moments when our memory must serve us rather than hinder us. These are the moments where we must stop and recall what we have already experienced with about it...think about it..remember. Moses writes the book of Deuteronomy towards the end of his life. Most likely, he was in a place of deep reflection. What memories he must have had! Moses actually saw God and talked with him daily. He knew the people of Israel would face more trial and temptation to turn from God. I pray that I am not that way, although I know there are times I do forget. I know how quickly I can forget the truth of what I have seen Jesus do in my life. I am enjoying this book of "recap". It is a fresh reminder to me that my love for God is shown by my belief in who He has been and who He is now in my life.

Don't forget friends, what our God has done for about it..write it down..tell your children...put it on your doorposts! Our God is faithful and He has proven that through every generation. Those stories are our stories. That God is our God...may we never forget.

" Be careful and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them." Deuteronomy 4:9


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