Free Indeed

Freedom has to be desired to be received. In almost every case, people who are chained in their hearts don't even know they are and so do not desire freedom. I speak from experience. After experiencing deep sorrow and pain I chose to survive and so picked myself up and moved on with life...or so I thought. What I didn't realize is how much bondage I carried with me from those wounds. I really thought I was free. I thought that because I had made something better out of my life that I was free from the past. Does that sound familiar to anyone? The problem I faced was the hardening that had happened in my heart as a means of moving on. I will be honest here and say that sometimes we need that hardening for a time so that we can move on and I believe Jesus is gentle in knowing what we need when we need it. He does not yank our heart out and squeeze it until the junk comes out. In my case, He has taken a tiny knife and made small incisions, one at a time, and then given those incisions time to heal before making a new one. With every healing I have found a new freedom. Again I say, I did not even know I needed it but now I see it as plain as day, as though it is a bright, neon, blinking sign.

I think the first step in desiring freedom is dissatisfaction. When I became frustrated with myself the door began to open. I have actually blogged along the way about all those things Jesus has cut out with that little knife of His. Sometimes, things would pop up and I would say "wait, I need that, it helps me keep going." Jesus always has the same response though. "You don't need it, you have me." So, I chose to be brave and let Him cut away. The most powerful revelation I have had is that every time Jesus takes the junk He gives me something much more powerful in its place. For anger He gives love, for grief He gives joy for religion, He gives relationship. These things give me power to do what I would have only dreamed of, to be what I wanted but new I could never accomplish.

Freedom brings so much relief. Standing guard at the door of our hearts becomes exhausting. Holding that shield so high is wearisome. When those pieces of armor began to rust and fall off, I would have moments of fear, fear I thought I could not overcome, and then Jesus would remind me that He is my shield, my armor, the guard of my heart and He never grows weary. So, with a big sigh of relief, I have handed pieces of my armor over to Him and with every one the revelation of freedom has been beyond comprehension. I know there are more pieces still to fall but I am less frightened and more trusting of my Savior and so, I will continue to hand them over, even the ones that look useful.

I guess I have been thinking about freedom this week because we are celebrating that very thing. We must remember friends that freedom is not free. Someone, somewhere, paid the price for these freedoms we have. Our freedom to have relationship with God has come through the price Jesus paid...a very high price. With this freedom come responsibility. We cannot sit by idly while others are dying in bondage. We cannot live under the canopy of grace God has given us and do nothing. We must allow that grace to push us forward. We must let our lives display by our words and deeds this freedom we have found. The price that was paid is to high for us to sit on it and not be moved to action. I am so anxious to share this message of freedom I have found that I feel like I will burst if I don't share it. The revelation is so great, so life changing, that I cannot be silent. I hope that you have found this same freedom. If not, do not be discouraged! Jesus will be gentle in guiding you to it! He will not drag you, He will not force you, He will only open doors and invite you to walk through them. His love is rich, deep, boundless. I see now, that my most powerful weapon is this freedom. No one can take it. No law of man can squash it. Not even the powers of darkness can come against it.
Whom the Son has set free is free indeed...indeed.

"So, if the Son sets you free, you are truly free" John 8:36 


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