I have received so much revelation from the Holy Spirit in the past year that it has, at times, been overwhelming. Overwhelming in a good way though. Revelation is completely necessary for us to walk close to Jesus. There are so many things unknown to the human heart and some of those are meant to be unknown, but a lot of them are not. I am grateful that God's revelation into my own heart has been gentle and slow for I could not have bared it otherwise. What has been the most overwhelming revelation is how deeply God understands me! A year ago, I only knew that I was not at rest in my spirit. I had no idea the things God wanted to show me; the healing that would come through these revelations. Looking back, I realize that I was very blind in my spirit for, well, all of my life. The thrilling aspect of all this is that the revelation just keeps coming. God is so infinite that I now see I will never completely see him, not until the day he comes and gets me. What he will show me, is what I need to see in order to become whole and walk out my time on this earth. I did not even know how much depth there was to my own spirit until I opened myself up to these revelations.

There is a familiar song that says "I once was blind but now I see". I believe the author was referring to the awakening in his spirit and that is how I would describe the power of God's revelation. It is as though I have been healed of blindness; blindness of the spirit. When we are walking in darkness, we are blinded to truth and don't recognize it when we see it. It's not easy friend, to step out in blindness and ask God for the secrets of your own heart to be revealed. I think it's scary because it requires surrender

Think about the cross. Jesus' surrender to the cross made all things new. His surrender gave us the revelation of the infinite love of God. Surrender is what leads to revelation. The idea that God is playing hide and seek with us is just a lie from the enemy. Oh, I believed it for a long time, but I realize now that God was never hiding. He has just been patiently waiting. Surrender is necessary because in it we are saying that we surrender what we think we know to the greater wisdom of what God knows. I understand the verse that asks "who can know the mind of God?". The more he reveals to me, the more I see how much I don't see! He truly is infinite in his understanding and I find rest in that.

God's revelation has made me new. The truth in his revelation has made me free. Truth really does set us free friends, and truth is what God reveals. He is truth. He speaks truth. He embodies truth. Revelation always makes me think of light. God's revelation is light to me and I am free because I no longer fear darkness. The unrest in my spirit is replaced by God's revelation of peace. The feeling of unworthiness is replaced by God's revelation of unconditional love. Revelation. It is there, right in front of us. If we seek it, we will find it.

Revelation is defined as the making known of secrets. What secrets need revealing in your heart? The plain truth is we all need revelation, and we will always need it. Why? Because revelation is truth and truth sets us free.

"Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you are". Psalms 43:3


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