A remnant

 So many stories of the Bible seem to show the destruction of God's people and yet, there can always be found a remnant of who he is. Sometimes it was as small as just one man or woman, other times a small number. I have to remind myself of that at times, when I look at the decaying world around me. I often sit with teenage girls and my heart aches as they tell me about the things they see and hear on their campuses. Every time I turn on the news, I hear about nothing but hate, war, vengeance, or death. Not to mention that there always seems to be one more "Christian" confusing the lost with picket signs and screams of anger and religion. I found myself recently asking God "is there really hope for this human race?". Of course I know there is hope, but at times in my heart the burden of what I see is so great that I just don't see with God's eyes. "Is there really hope?" I asked. "There will always be a remnant" my God said in response to my clouded question.

The truth is that this God I serve does not even need my help to spread his light of truth. I forget that sometimes. I see this not right world and I see the sickness of it and I just get discouraged. I forget that my God is the one who created the Heavens and the Earth. The God that created me. No, he does not need me in order to spread his truth...but he always leaves a remnant that will testify of his greatness. The miracle is that it only takes a remnant for his truth to stand. He needs no army, no mega church, no politician, for his truth to stand. He uses the smallest ways, the least of these, the most unlikely, even the unwanted to speak his truth. 

"There will always be a remnant" he says. A remnant that holds onto the truth. Truth that is timeless. Truth that sets a heart free from years of captivity. Truth that heals. Yes, he only needs a remnant for his love to prevail. Only one voice. Why? Light will always dispel darkness. Even the smallest ray of light will dispel complete darkness. It only takes a remnant of light to defeat overwhelming darkness. 

I want to be that remnant. Do you? No matter how bleak, how hopeless it looks, I want to be that one that will stand in the middle of darkness and dispel it with the light of truth. I see those teenage girls as little remnants of truth walking their campuses. I see Missionaries faithfully serving in war torn Afghanistan as the remnant of love for lost souls. So, I am reminded by God not to worry or fear what I see before me. I am reminded that my God can create something from nothing and it can be perfect and beautiful. The world is not going to get better before Jesus comes back. It's going to get worse, and yet, the darker the world gets, the brighter God's light will shine. 

Are you a remnant of God's truth? Maybe you work in a place that seems to dark. Maybe no one in your family understands your faith. Maybe you sit in a class of peers that are blinded by darkness. God says not to be discouraged! Don't give up! He can and will speak through you and me if we will let him. There is a wonderful song that says "God is bigger than the air I breathe and God will save the day, he's glorious". That is the truth! Our glorious God can give us the grace to stand alone if need be. Our glorious God can give us the courage to speak up when others remain silent. My prayer in 2012 is that we all will choose, no matter how oppressive the world around us is to be the flame of God's love...the remnant that he will use to fulfill his purpose until that glorious day when he comes for us. On that day we will no longer be a remnant but the countless number of believers who chose to stand alone at times so that we could one day all stand together. 


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