Constantly Consistent

Consistent is one word that can be used to describe God. I have sang the songs and heard the verses that tell me God is the same yesterday, today and forever since I was a child. For some reason though, when I heard that phrase the other day God decided to make a conversation out of it with his little whisper. "It's true you know, I am always the same" he said in my spirit. "I know that Lord, and I believe it" was my heart's reply. "Yes, but what does that means to you?" he asked. That questions stopped me in my tracks, so to speak. "Well, I guess I've never thought too much about it", I said to him and myself. Have I ever really thought about what it means to serve this God of consistency? Have I completely swallowed the idea that the God of signs and wonders I read about in the Bible is my God?

Consistency, to me, defines security. Security is what I have always sought. I hate fear, but it followed me around for all of my life until these past couple years. I never understood security, or maybe we could call it safety. I wanted so desperately to feel safe, to really be safe. Do you ever feel that way?Sometimes that yearning was for physical safety, to be free of the literal danger that surrounded me, but there was always a yearning in me for emotional and spiritual safety. As with so many misconceptions I had of God, I believed he was not consistent, not the same, not safe...and he couldn't be trusted. Isn't it funny how we define God by the life we are living instead of letting him define our life? I think, back then, I pictured my relationship with God like a rock climbing wall. Every step had to be perfectly calculated because one wrong move could cause my foot to slip and send me plummeting down. No, consistent was not a word I would have used to define God. I simply didn't think he was to me, who he had been to everyone else. I was really good at isolating myself in a corner with a sign that read "ya but that doesn't apply to me" or "he won't do that for me". Ironically, those signs I used as a shield were the very things that kept me "unsafe". How sneaky the enemy is at setting traps in our minds and heart that we don't even realize we are sitting right in the middle of!

So I think, maybe, what God was trying to awaken me to with that question was the reality of how deep my security is in him, how safe I really am. When he says "my love is everlasting" he means it. When he says "I work onlyfor your good" I can read stories of his work in others and believe he is the same for me. When I share stories with my children from God's word, or share with them stories of my own life, I can with complete faith tell then that he will be the same for them. Just because my path looks different than his or hers doesn't mean God is different. It means my path is different. It means I have a different lesson to learn. It means I have to encounter different people. It means God is full of creativity and yet can bring me to the same truth that hundreds have already discovered. Wow. Now that's impressive! For God to masterfully draw each life out on this earth as though it were a new piece of art, and yet bring us each to the same truth, that his love is the same, that he is the same. What a miracle!

Yes, I have discovered all the security I need in God himself. I see now, that he is consistent and while he loves all of us with equal passion, he loves each of us in the specific way we need to be loved. His consistent character is my sure footing in an unsure world. He is the same today as he was a thousand years ago and I am grateful. So when he asked me "what does that consistency mean to you?" I didn't know how to answer, but now I do. "Well Lord, I think it means I am safe with you and always will be". "That's right" he says with fatherly approval and certainty in his voice ,"you always will be."

"...God has said, "never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "the Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortal's do to me?" Remember your leaders who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:5-8


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