Off I Go

I am getting ready, in just over a week to go on an overseas missions trip. Needless to say things are a bit hectic around here. I hope you will tolerate my absence over the next few week as I am gone. I promise to come back with great stories to tell! We are going to be in Japan for eleven days with students from our church and some adults that are going ahead of us. I am excited but a little nervous too! It's been eight years since I went overseas. Last time I went was one month before my wedding. This time around I am a wife and mom. I am leaving my babies behind with their "Nona" and I know they will have a blast! (I will probably miss them more than they will miss me!) I know without a doubt that God has opened the door to this new season in my life and so I am trying to bravely walk through it. I was thinking about the difference in myself since the last time I went on a trip like this and I can hardly believe how far God has brought me. I don't know exactly what God will do through me over these eleven days I am gone, but I am going with a much fuller heart than I have ever had. Will you pray for us while we are gone? I would so love to know that my little blog family is standing strong for us while we walk the road God has laid before us. :-) I am excited about what we have planned for this trip but I am also excited about the little God moments that can never be planned but are always so powerful. If I have learned anything since my last missions trip, it is that God can be trusted. He will pave the way for us, prepare us beforehand and be with us as we travel his road.

So, I know this is a super short post but I wanted to be sure you knew where this journey you have been on with me this past year is taking me. It's taking me all the way to Japan! You have journeyed so graciously with me through a lot and I am grateful for your encouragement and support. I see this as a moment in my life that I get to bear the fruit of God's work in me. This is where the rubber meets the road! I know my faith will be challenged, my comfort zone will be shattered and my walk with Jesus will be deeper when I return. I trust in his mercy and grace to lead me as it has thus far. May his light shine in all that I do!

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it". John 1:5


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