World Traveler Returning...

Hey Ya'll!!! That is the warmest personal greeting I can come up with for a blog. ;-) I have been back home for a week now from the country of Japan and boy oh boy do I have lots to share. I hope you will indulge me for awhile because it will take more than one post to share all the stirring God did in my heart in those two weeks. I will probably be posting a little more frequently over the next few weeks. For today though, I want to share some of the fun stuff I saw, learned and ate while there. 

 I can tell you that I ate my share of rice while there! *grin* I also mastered chopsticks. Well, I still don't eat with them as efficiently as the natives, but I did not go hungry and I only splattered soup everywhere once when I tried to use them to pick up a whole egg and it didn't work out so well. My pastor was in the line of fire for that one and probably brought grease stains home on his shirt to prove my story. (oops!) I saw, for the first time in my life, a singular apple for $6.00 in the heart of Tokyo. (Surely it was filled with gold!) I also learned that Japan is a country of novelty. Everywhere I looked were little sweets, little cans of soda, little trinkets, little cups...they love little stuff!  It's no surprise that they emphasize little. I have never seen a city as compacted as Tokyo. They make use of every square inch, filling nooks and crannies with whatever shape of building they have to to make it work! As a result of that, there are people EVERYWHERE. I cannot think of one city that has anything on the hustle and bustle of Tokyo! 

A picture cannot accurately showcase what I'm talking about but this is what I took from the 2nd floor of a Starbucks:
Every single time the light changes, this is the scene...crazy!

Oh and since we are on the topic of Starbucks, I have a goal to drink Starbucks in every country I visit, and take my picture while doing so: 
You might not be able to tell but that is a Japan size tall...of course it's smaller than ours. Oh, and cost more than ours too...but it was worth it!  

What's with the peace sign? While it's true that coffee brings me peace, the reason for it is that every single Japanese person you ever take a picture with will throw up that peace sign...and well, as Paul said "when in Rome.." At least I think Paul said it...anyway

 This is fearless leader number one and two figuring out the trains we needed to take back to our hotel after our day in Tokyo.
The train system in Japan is intense and efficient!! Well, not so intense to the locals but that grid they are looking at is full of lines, numbers and colors! My husband (fearless leader number two) loves figuring out this kind of stuff so he was in navigational heaven. I just followed them so I learned absolutely nothing..except to get on and off when the doors opened! That, my friends, is the most important lesson to learn about trains!!! 

All in all, it was wonderful! If you have never experienced a culture other than your own, I recommend it! I love to travel, to see the world through other's eyes. I can't imagine how much our Heavenly Father delights in the creativity of each people group on this planet! We are all so different and it's fun and exciting to discover those difference and also find the common ground hidden beneath our differences. I will be sharing over the next days and maybe weeks all that God showed me through the people of Japan. Thank you so very much for all your prayers. I absolutely had so much peace knowing so many were standing strong for us! I will leave you with a picture of our whole team under the city lights of Shibuya in the heart of Tokyo.

Let the journey continue...


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