The Story of a Wedding Day...

All she could do was stare at her reflection in the full length mirror. I look so clean, so pure, she thought to herself. The satin fell in soft folds to the ground around her feet. The veil laid softly over her face and graced her shoulders with shimmers of diamond light. She nervously smoothed the front of her dress. 

I don't deserve him she thought. I've made so many mistakes. 

He knows though, she reminded herself letting out a sigh of relief. She had shared her deepest secrets with him. He knew exactly what he was getting...and he said he wanted her. I am wanted. She smiled to herself as that thought settled in her heart. 

The soft knock on the door told her it was time. She took a deep breath and hurried out of the room and down the hall to the room where everyone waited...where he waited. She came to stand in front of the double doors just as they opened. The sight before her was overwhelming and panic seized her as she scanned the room. What am I doing?! she asked herself. I can't do this!  I don't deserve this!

Then her eyes found his. 

The gentleness and warmth she saw there propelled her forward and drained away her fear. She kept her eyes on his as she walked, not noticing anything else in the room. Before she realized it, she was standing right beside him. The love she felt for him overwhelmed her and tears began spilling down her face. He reached up and pulled the veil back from her face. She looked down, feeling a little afraid, but he cupped her face and drew it up with his hand and tenderly wiped the tears away with his thumb. 

How could this man love me so much? she thought as she stared into the face of perfection. 

 She reached up timidly, took his hand in hers and turned it over to look at the scar there. She took his other hand in hers and looked at the scar that matched. He wears scars on his hands because of me she thought as her tears began dripping into his palms. He bears the scars of my shame she thought as she pulled his scarred hands to her lips to kiss them.  This man's love was enough for her. His love had healed her heart and soul. His love had taken all her ugly stains away and made her clean...made her pure. Weeping, she buried her face in his hands that she held and let that truth fill her once again. 

"Are you ready beloved?" he whispered softly as he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. 

She looked up at him through her tears and nodded. Turning, she finally realized they were standing at the foot of a cross...her cross...that he had carried...for her. She stared at it wishing she could give him something in return...

"I have nothing to offer you" she said brokenly to him. 

"You are beautiful" he said softly.

She closed her eyes and let that unconditional love wash over her. She felt his hand come around hers again and she grasped it tightly with both of hers, drawing from his grace and strength. This was the moment she had waited her whole life for. She looked over at him again and the acceptance she saw in his face filled her with peace. 

She had finally found the place she belonged from the beginning.

Death had lost its victory. 
The grave had lost it's sting. 
Sin had lost it's hold and now 
she would be free...



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