One Way

You know, there really is only one way to Heaven. We live in a culture full of options and if we are not careful, we might find ourselves looking for options when it comes to eternity. We live in a society that tells us believing only one way is close minded or unfair to others with different beliefs. The thing is, we can't afford to be open minded in this conversation. I know that Jesus is the only way to heaven and I know that if people don't accept his salvation, they won't get to go. 
They won't get to go.

I wonder if I live like I believe that? I mean, we are talking about forever. We are talking about someone's soul. We are talking about life and death. Today, somewhere in the world, someone is dying without Jesus. 

Someone is dying without Jesus. 

Does that make your heart pound? Does it make you want to weep? Does it make you want to shout from a rooftop that "Salvation is here!"? It grieves my heart to think of all the lost many lost souls. The temptation is to sigh in relief because "I'm covered" and maybe live a mediocre kind of life.  


Jesus says be his follower.  How in the world can I follow him and not act like him? Well, I can't. If I am following him then it is inevitable, unavoidable..I will be like him. If I am going to be like him then I am going to tell someone else about him, who he is too me. I am going to share the news of salvation with someone else...that's what he did. The key is that he did it with so much love, so much compassion that people could not help but be amazed by him, and chose to follow. 

Following Jesus means letting him break your heart for what matters to him. I think he has been doing that in me. I am finding myself really aware of the people around me. I find myself looking at people and seeing maybe a glimpse of what my Dad in Heaven sees...and it breaks  my heart. Sometimes I want to hug and shake people all at once! Jesus has done all he can to save us. It's up to us now to believe. His last command to his disciples before ascending into Heaven was this:

"Go into all the world, and share the news". 

He did not suggest this to me. He did not ask if I minded sharing. He told me to go. It's important to note that he has already established with his disciples that if they love him then they will follow his commands. 
If I love him, then I will follow his command. If I love him then I will go...and share. 

So, if I believe he is the one way to Heaven, the only way, then I need to live with a sense of urgency. I need to seek out every single opportunity to show others who he is. I need to get over myself and my comfort zone and my desires and my schedule and my money and me, me, me! I need to prove that I believe what I say I believe. 

I need to be a follower. 

You know what I see when I look at the cross with my Savior on it? I see him pleading with me to come. I see someone who means what he says. I see someone who was willing to walk the walk..not just talk the 
talk.  I see someone who is serious about life and death...serious enough to die for it. I see the one way, the only way, into eternal life. I want to be as passionate about him as he is about me. I want to ooze redemption like he did. 

This Earth is no one's home. It is temporary for all of us. We can do nothing to earn our way to eternity. We can be open minded, accept all things as good, worship our man made god's...and still we won't be able to enter God house. Don't be deceived! Don't be swayed! Stay the course and with humility and compassion, invite everyone you meet to join you. Even when it is hard, even when we don't understand... 

Jesus is the only way. 

"I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me". John 14:6


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