"Humble yourself". That is the whisper I keep hearing in my heart these days. It's not an angry whisper, or a demanding whisper. It's a pleading whisper from my Savior. I know why he says it. Humility is the only way, I say again, the only way to freedom in Christ. Humility leads to surrender and surrender brings the freedom I crave.

Surrender brings the freedom I crave. 

How much have I not surrendered? How many ideas, plans, habits have I not surrendered to him. How foolish to think I can ask him to be Lord of my life but not lay down on my face before him and let him have his way. How foolish. 

It's who I am though. Human. My flesh wars with my spirit constantly. My flesh does not know humility. My flesh only knows self service and self promotion. Jesus amazes me, floors me and shocks me with his humble, servants heart. He did not think of himself as great. He did not elevate himself. He washed feet, knelt  by the bed of the sick, touched the unclean, the outcast, the worst of the worst. 

He did the work no one else wanted to do. 

Humility never looks like what I think it looks like. It's always the opposite of what I think or feel or want. The Bible is full of stories of people who did great things for God. They all carry one common trait...they were all humbled servants. Moses did not want to be the deliverer. He begged God to send someone else. The prophets wept bitterly over the lost heart of Israel. King David suffered, sinned and fell on his face before God and declared himself a broken, willing vessel.

Indeed, humility is not one trait but the trait God looks for in those who seek to do his will. I am learning to walk that road and believe me it's a journey. My sharp tongue gets in the way...a lot. My opinions sometimes come out before I think better of what God might want me to say. My fierce independence tempts me to do it my way, not to humble myself and ask God to help me. Thankfully, I have a fountain of grace and mercy to dip into. Otherwise, all would be lost.

Humility is defined as showing a modest estimate of one's own importance. That's the goal here. To think of myself as not so important. Not to think of myself as worthless, but to realize that everything I might think I can find in me that is good is only there because of my Savior living in me. To be like Jesus is to be a humble servant. To be a humble servant is to serve, serve, serve...and then serve some more.

Let's not forget that our Savior came to this world humbly. He was born in a lowly stable next to cows and sheep, in a manger filled with hay. If he was willing to come to us in such a humble way, how much more should we, his creation, bow our faces down before him in humble surrender?

"Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14


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