Frivolous Friday's: Story Telling

I love to read. My idea of a good day off is staying in my jammies all day and reading. I love to read fiction as well as non-fiction. There are a few fictional authors that have mastered the art of teaching through story telling and those are my favorite! Fictional stories that teach are very effective in getting a message across to an audience. 

I was thinking that maybe that's why Jesus taught in parables. He made up stories about other people, in other places, but in the end, those people reflected the people he was talking too. Genius! We all are more willing to listen to a story that reflects someone else's life, aren't we? I was thinking too, that maybe I should try this approach with my kids. Next time I'm trying to get a point across instead of just telling them the point I'll make up a hypothetical story about someone else and throw my point in there. Think it will work? 

We'll see....

Happy Friday Friends! 


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