Foolish Knowledge

To come to Jesus is to walk away from all the knowledge we think we possess. The tree that Adam and Eve ate from was "The tree of the knowledge of good and evil." 

Before they ate, they had no idea. 

My first reaction to that is: "how sad for them." How sad to be clueless, to not know. Then, I stop and think about how much my "knowledge" gets in the way of pure loyalty to my God. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were purely devoted to God. Oh, how wonderful that would be. 

See, with knowledge comes a lot of things. Things like, insecurity, defiance, pride, doubt. "Knowledge is power!", we hear and quote...but I wonder...

What if I didn't have all this confounded knowledge floating around in my head? What if there were no idea, no thought standing between me and my God. 

Well, I guess that would be perfection wouldn't it? 

Truth is, we are now full of knowledge. We now live in a world that knows full well what is good and what is evil. I make my choices every day based on lots of options. I had the opportunity to share a tiny nugget of God's truth with someone today who is very intellectual, very knowledgeable...and very much without Jesus. Only God can orchestrate the conversation I had. Believe me, I don't have enough "knowledge" to be that clever. I left there with a prayer on my lips that the darkness would be overcome, that the light would be seen, that the knowledge would be overtaken by faith. It grieves the spirit of God inside of me to know that someone who is kind, gracious and even intelligent isn't bound for eternity with Jesus.

Knowledge doesn't save us. 

 How can I call any thought I have knowledge compared to the infinite wisdom of the creator of all things? Why do we think there are other options, other ways to salvation? My soul groans and twists inside of me at the thought. We so easily deceive ourselves with our own plans and theories. What I have discovered, after living on both sides of this "knowledge fence" is that there is beauty in not understandings.

There is beauty in not understanding. 

Knowledge cannot explain the depths of God's love. Knowledge cannot explain the impossible becoming possible. Knowledge cannot explain the cross of Christ. In the eyes of knowledge, none of that makes sense.     The simple truth is that the created will never define the Creator. It's not for us to do so. It is only for us to soak in the life of Jesus, to memorize every word that came from his mouth, to do our best to be like him.

I was reminded today, that what saves man is deeper than we can ever understand. I was reminded today that I follow Jesus because he is light, and without him there is nothing but darkness. I cannot explain that, I cannot understand that but I know it is true. Knowledge may tell me to look for other sources of light, to consider my options. 

There is no other option. 

I hope you know Jesus as you read this. No, I hope you don't just know him but that he lives and breaths in you. I pray you live in the light. The truth will set you free. Man's knowledge is not enough and never will be. You can spend a lifetime crafting philosophy and at the end, you will be left with nothing. In Christ is all the knowledge we could ever need and yes, I am content with that. I am content to just let him lead, to simply follow the light. I am content to not know, to not understand and to simply pursue him...and nothing else. 

"But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity." 2 Peter 3:18


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