Dream Chasers

"I want to be a fireman!", "I want to be a doctor!" How many times have we heard things like this come from our kiddo's? We all have big dreams when we are little of what we will do when we grow up. We also believe that we really will do those things. Children don't typically add "But I'm probably not cut out for that" to these dreams of theirs. No. Kids just see a dream and they chase it. Then they grow up and something happens...

They start to recognize that voice of doubt. 

So often, as our innocence slips away, so do our dreams. The truth is, God created us to dream. He wants us to think big, to see what could be done if we work with Him. He does not call any of us to live a nose to the grind, push and shove, can't wait to retire kind of life. He has much, much, bigger plans. Life happens. This much I know. Detours are most definitely part of life. However, detours do not mean death. 

Some of you reading this are living out the dreams in your heart and hopefully you are shouting a big "Amen!" to this. I suspect, though, that a lot of folks are living in the "push and shove" lane of life. Maybe you've forgotten that dream tucked deep inside. Maybe you think about your dreams all the time but you also think as much about all the reasons why you can't chase them. Maybe you honestly don't have a dream and you think the hand you've been dealt is "where it's at".  Whatever "dream boat" you find yourself in, I've got news for you. 

It's not too late. 

I am someone who has taken some very long detours in life, but they have all prepared me for now. Those detours in life only paved the way for God to birth new, fresh dreams in my heart. God was gracious enough to plant this dream of writing in my heart as I went through some intense healing in my life. I really didn't dream of this as a kid. I was just surviving as a kid. There really wasn't time to dream. What I have always wanted is to share Jesus with others. That dream has always been there and believe me I've messed up plenty in an attempt to do just that. It has been in my willingness to be vulnerable that Jesus has given me a dream that will make his name famous; a dream big enough that I need his help to chase it. I love it. I love that my God is exciting, passionate, full of hope and life! Mundane will never describe him or people who chase after him. 

This is not a "prosperity message." Prosperity, at least in my opinion, is simply being filled with the love of Christ. Prosperity has nothing to do with "stuff" and dreams shouldn't either. Today, I don't dream of having more, I dream of giving more. God's dreams for you will always draw others to himself. I'm learning that everyday. Do you dream of what you can get or what you can give? I challenge you to dream for the sake of Jesus. Dream for what He can do and who He can be in you. 

I know I sound a little excited and passionate. Maybe that's because I am in a "dream moment" of life right now. I'm watching God prepare something for me I could never have concocted on my own. I am walking in his grace and trusting him to open doors. You'll be hearing more over the next few weeks about this dream I am walking into, but for now, I want to encourage you to go chase your dream! If you don't think you have one, think again! Jesus has a dream for you. He has a dream waiting for you, if you have the courage to chase it. So...I say...dream it! Chase it! Don't give up, no matter how high the odds are stacked against you. Let the dream giver fill you with dreams.

Lets show the world that following Jesus means chasing dreams. 


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