Hey Mom, Give Yourself a Break!

The Lord has really been challenging me in the recent weeks that being a mom is more than just being a caretaker. It's really easy to just do what needs doing and forget about the little hearts of those messy faces and sticky hands. I guess what I'm trying to say is that God is shifting my focus from those physical things that I always tend to focus on too the eternal, spiritual things. As mom's it's our job to help make those hearts tender so Jesus can reach them. It can, at times, feel like a daunting task. Fear can easily take the joy out of mommy hood. 

"What if I do it wrong?" 

"What if they remember the bad and not the good." 

Well, I struggle with that too. I catch myself sometimes worrying that I'm leaving out something really important and that one thing is going to ruin them! Of course, the Lord in his very gently way, said something to me recently that made me stop and think... 

"Give yourself a break, Shannon."

Yep, that's what he said! He said that because he knows me well. He knows my tendency to try and fit into a mold of some kind and follow a list of guidelines...and he knows I'm tempted to do that with my kids too. For some reason, I'm tempted to extract grace and mercy from the parenting formula and assume that I have to get all these things right for my kids to turn out right. Well, that's just silly! The overabundance of grace and mercy I receive from Jesus fills every corner of my life, including and especially in Motherhood. I need to lean on his grace and mercy as a mommy more than any other place in my life. I cannot be everything my girls need. I cannot be their Savior. I can only be a flashlight on a path leading them to the Savior. So, to all you mommies out there worrying that you did something to ruin your kids or that you aren't doing enough or whatever is causing you to heap judgement on your own soul...

Give yourself a break! 

You cannot be everything to your kids, you can only be mommy! Oh, mommy is huge, mommy is life changing...but it is not savior...it is mommy. Sometimes that means letting them fall so they will find God's forgiveness. Sometimes it means holding them back so they will find God's love that is safe. In all of it, God is there, full of grace and mercy. He doesn't run out and he gives us new mercy every day! God loves mommy's! He has called you to be the mom of those kids. He destined them to come from your gene pool...and he will give you every bit of himself to help you raise those kids to follow him. Trust him with those messy faces and sticky hands. Trust him with those little hearts and pray, pray, pray for the light to shine inside them. When you mess up, let them see you lean heavily on God's grace and mercy. God isn't calling you or me to never mess up, he's calling us to love our kids the way he does...unconditionally. Sometimes that means tough love and sometimes it means merciful, tenderhearted love...but always love. 

So, to all the mommies, whether your sticky hands and messy faces are still living with you, or have sticky, messy's of their own...HAPPY MOTHER'S WEEK!! ;-D We can not only survive Motherhood but we can flourish in it! We can be filled with joy and strength because God is faithful and he loves our kids more than we do! 

 "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all."  Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. Proverbs 31:29-30


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