Resolving To Trust

The truth is that people fail us.

I admit, I have been failed by many, and I have failed many. It is a flaw of us humans. We cannot avoid this fact in our relationships with each other. The fact of the matter though, is that God doesn't fail us.

No matter what we've been told.

No matter how it looks.

No matter what has happened.

God never fails us.

Right now, as I write this, I am confident of that. Tomorrow, when I face insecurity, I may need to be reminded of the truth. (grace and mercy folks!) Some of us have been hurt deeply by those closest to us. Dad's, mom's, siblings, brothers, sisters, grandparents, husbands, wives...the list is endless. People have disappointed us, lied to us, used us, rejected us and ultimately...failed us. God has not. I know the argument against this truth."If God doesn't fail us, then why is there suffering."

God can be found in the suffering.

I do speak from experience friends. I was once in the place of shaking my fist at God and telling him that he had failed me. He must have, because I had suffered. I have come through that though, to the other side. Suffering is part of this fallen world we live in. We cannot undo that this world is fallen. The world has not been restored to it's perfect state yet and so, we live with suffering. God can be found though, on his knees, in the dirt with those who suffer. Maybe we don't see him in the midst, maybe we do. I know that when I cry out to him even in my suffering...He.Is.There. Even if I can't feel Him, I can cling to the promise that he never leaves. Oh, believe me, that thought creates queasiness in my belly because I don't want to think about when and what I might suffer again. It is clear to me though that my God will not fail me, come what may. Even unto death, He will not fail.

I am raising two little girls. My one goal, my one mission, is to instill in them the belief that Jesus is always, always, always with them. I will not lie to them and tell them that if they follow Jesus, life will be a bunch of roses. I will tell them that following Jesus means a harder road, but a better road. I will teach them that every word he speaks is truth and is reliable and that he speaks always. He never turns his ear away from the cry of his beloved ones. I am raising them to believe that Jesus is strong and trustworthy, even when they are afraid; even when they suffer.

So, my Resolution for this new year is a simple one: I'm going to trust my God in all things. I will face fear and doubt, but I will keep my eyes on him, the author and finisher of my faith.

He can be trusted.

In truth, I do fear failing God. I must remember though, that I have no reason to fear that God will fail me. He will love me forever, no matter what. God has vowed himself to me for eternity and I can trust him. He never forgets, never looks away..never fails.

Our God never fails.


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