God of the Unexpected

Do I look for God in the expected or the unexpected? That was the question I had to answer for myself while I spent almost two weeks in the beautiful country of Japan. I have just returned and my heart is full of... well, lots of different emotions. This was my second time going but even so, I wasn't sure what to expect.

I am not always good at looking for God in the small moments. I tend to be a big picture thinker. I'm sure some of you can identify. There is nothing wrong with being a big picture thinker. In fact, I think it is a strength...but with every strength comes weakness. My weakness in this is that I am always rushing to the next "big moment" and can forget to look at where I am and what God is whispering around me. I had  plenty of moments on this trip that surprised me, from singing our National Anthem in a class of high school students, to having a very spirit led conversation with a college girl at lunch...all unexpected.

I had to laugh at myself when the week was all said and done. I laughed because I looked back and saw that the most effective moments of ministry were the one's I had not planned. The most fruitful moments, looked, by all my standards, to be fruitless. Oh, but God is big and he can do much with nothing more than a willing heart. It humbled me to be reminded that I am not in control. (That seems to be the lesson of the year for me!) I can plan, I can think ahead...but I am not in control. God does the planning and only He can orchestrate a moment that opens someone's heart. After all, it's His spirit that draws men, not my well laid plans.

You know what's fascinating, though? Even for me, someone who likes all her ducks to be in a row, it gives me such relief to know I don't have to plan it all out. It takes a burden off my heart to know that I am not expected to keep everything planned and in control. All God want's from me is surrender. In my willingness to follow and obey, His plan can unfold.

My next post will have pictures from our trip as well as some fun facts about Japan! Right now I am knee deep in "new floor installation" at my house so things are a bit crazy. I will try to post pics of that too! :) Thanks for hanging with me friends! I love sharing my life with you!!!


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