Friday Finds: Try Something New

Well, after spending a week investigating and researching all I could about horses, lessons etc...we have a winner! I found a lovely ranch only ten miles from my house that is VERY reasonably priced for riding lessons. I am calling this a miracle since most places charge almost $40.00 a lesson. We visited today and Lindsey is just smitten! So much so, that she came home and immediately went to work on a scrapbook of horse pictures. :-)

I was not sure what to expect since obviously she has zero experience with horses and really animals in general. I wouldn't say she was completely fearless, I mean this is a first time experience, but she was very brave and the horse's she worked with seemed to like her. She loved "brushing" the horses and she is really excited about learning how to saddle a horse and ride. I am loving all the responsibility this teaches. We saw girls of all ages cleaning out stalls and I was delighted. As soon as Lindsey has enough understanding, we will be doing the same thing. This particular ranch does not train for competition. They simply learn how to take care of a horse and how to ride. I think that's a good place to start.

So, we are starting a new journey and I am excited for my little girl! I say don't be afraid to try something new! So what if it doesn't pan out or you change your mind later. At least you tried and have some experience to take away. As the old saying goes...

You'll never know unless you try!

Happy Friday Friends!


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