Friday Finds

Well, I promised you complete randomness on these Friday posts so let's start things on the right track...

In my opinion, a denim shirt is like that little black dress...everyone needs one. Now, I am fully aware that not all denim shirts (or little black dresses) are created equal. There are some denim no-no's out there (most of which happened in the 80's, if we are being honest). Truly though, a cute denim shirt is a smart wardrobe option. You can do a lot with one. I've been hunting for a cute denim shirt for a while and wouldn't you know it, Ross came through! I was in there shopping for a tablecloth (which I didn't find) and I have a policy in Ross to always check the clearance racks when I go in, so I did. :)

And I found this...

Forgive my poor picture taking skills, I'm working on that! You get the idea though, right? Can you see the cute stitching on it? I just love it. Notice how it fades from dark to light? Well, the fashion world calls that ombre, and they do it to everything, even hair! I looked up ombre to try and give you an official definition but apparently ombre is an old Spanish card game...and I have no idea how it moved from that to never mind.

Anyway, this great little find was only $7.49! I almost did a little dance in the aisle but I refrained. I am already dreaming up all the accessory options. When the weather cools off I will most definitely be pulling off the cowgirl look with my boots and this shirt!

I  need a cowgirl hat...

Did you own a "too cool for school" denim shirt at one point in your life that you will NEVER wear again? Better yet, are you planning to wear it this weekend? If so, we need to talk. ;-)

Happy Friday Friends!!!


  1. Love it! I got a denim shirt late spring. Mine wasn't nearly as cheap, $15 I think, but still good considering it came from the impulse section at Macys! I agree about all the possibilities. Right now I'm using in place of a cardigan. I think it would even look good over a mini skirt...I have yet to dare that one though. I usually reserve short skirts for tights. Or you could wear it with a sweater on top and skinny jeans in the fall/winter. Wish we lived in the same city! It'd be fun to go shopping at Ross with you.

  2. Hannah, we would have so much fun! :) Ross is where most.of my wardrobe comes from. Its right around the corner from my house right next to combination of stores ever! :)


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