Horse Riding

My oldest daughter, Lindsey, is seven. She has been in ballet for two years but this year she expressed that she might want to try something else. We have a "policy" in our house that we will only pay for one extracurricular activity for each of our girls. We would rather them do one thing really well then dabble in lots of things. (not to mention the cost!) My youngest daughter isn't old enough yet (she is four) to jump into anything but has expressed an earnest desire to train to be a warrior like Mulan (her favorite movie at the moment). So, I gave her a paper towel roll for a sword and a scarf for her head and she is content at the fees attached! :o)

So, Lindsey has expressed interest in trying out horseback riding. Now, I will not hide the truth that I wanted to ride horse as a little girl and so I cannot express the excitement I felt when she mentioned this. I did a very good job (at least I think) of offering options and suggestions without putting too much enthusiasm in it. I want her to do what she wants, not what mom wants! So, after discussing all the choices and asking her what things sound fun she really does want to try horses. I found a place not far from us, at the foot of the mountains that has a farm with lots of horses and also seems to be very reasonable as far as price goes. They also allow the kids taking lessons to help take care of the horses. I love that part. I think it builds character when a child helps take care of an animal. Mucking out a stall is good for the soul! ;-)

Anyway, we are going this week to check out this place and see what Lindsey thinks about the whole thing. I suspect this is something she will either instantly love or instantly not love! Being a horse lover is almost's either in you or it's not. We will see...

What are your thoughts on horse riding? Do you ride or own a horse? Do you know someone who does? I welcome your thoughts since I am extremely uneducated in the matter! :)


  1. Shannon, I spent my childhood loving horses, took lessons, got into 4H for horses, and then eventually even owned my own! It is an expensive hobby but like you said, once it gets into you it's a kind of love that never leaves. I'm so hoping my little girl will one day find a love for horses too! I'm excited to hear how it turns out for Lindsey! - Sarah W.

  2. Really Sarah? I didn't know that about you! The expense part is certainly a consideration but according to the folks I've talked to that offer lessons, you don't need to own a horse until you are in the advanced stage of riding and competing. I'm thinking it would be something she would have to be a part of saving for and helping raise money for if that day ever came. (another valuable lesson):)

  3. It will be fun to see what she thanks about it. I know it is something I would have enjoyed doing. Clean out the stall will have to see what she says about that but that is part of taking care of a horse.


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