Do You Journal?

I have always been one for writing in journals. Even before I knew I wanted to be a "real author" I loved to journal. I started something recently in my journal that I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me to do. I thought it might be kind of weird at first, but now I am hooked! I've always written my entries in the form of prayers. What I've added recently is a response to my prayers. I literally write what I hear the Holy Spirit whispering inside of me.

It is amazing.

Do you know how much truth and how many answers are swimming around in your own heart, if you but take the time to listen? That is what I am learning by writing in my journal like this. I've discovered something too. I've discovered that I am completely capable of hearing the Holy Spirit and receiving his direction on my own. I'm no different than the next person. I often doubt what I hear God's spirit saying inside of me, so I start looking for conformation elsewhere. While I know God will at times confirm something for me through others, He will always whisper to my own heart first what he wants me to hear. This practice I've made in my journal of actually writing what I hear him saying is making me much more aware of his voice. 

Today, I was writing about my fears, my lack of patience...things I know I need to surrender to God. I was really just asking God to show me how to trust him with the timing of things in my life. (I'm  not always good at waiting) So, I wrote a response to my own prayer and God spoke something to me that really brought everything back into focus... 

"Do not despise the waiting, Shannon. I am found in the waiting." 

Isn't that so cool? I think it is amazing that I was able to sit down with a cup of coffee, my Bible, my journal and there, by my window, in my little corner of this world, have a conversation with my creator, my savior, my king. He was present with me, speaking to me. When I read back over the words I wrote, I felt his presence. Like I said, I'm hooked!

I love interacting with my God and familiarizing myself with his voice. Knowing what he is saying means doors can open in my life. It means I will, in an instant, be able to identify his leading into something...or away from something. I believe he wants this kind of interaction with every single one of us. He wants to converse with us all day everyday! So often our conversations with Him are one sided: us talking and then running away to do something else. Even in my journal I can easily just spit out what I'm thinking and then run. I don't believe God is hard to find. I don't believe He plays hide and seek. I do believe that it's easier to hear the loud screeching voices of this world over his gentle whisper..unless we lean in and listen. 

That's what I'm trying to do...lean in and listen. If you don't journal, I recommend it. No, you don't have to be a writer to journal. If you have thoughts swimming around in your mind (um, that should be everyone:) then you can journal. Give it a shot! What have you got to lose? Well, nothing!  

Do you have another tip for journaling that you can share? If so, please do! 


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