End of Summer!

Well summer is over in our house! No, not the weather part, just the no school part! Arizona only has two seasons...summer and less summer. HA! Anyway, I can't believe how fast time flies. Do you remember being a child and feeling like time was creeping by? I do. I remember thinking Christmas would never come and summer seemed like it took eons to arrive. Now, time passes in a blur. It seems like, as adults, we spend more time chasing time (lol) than waiting for it to arrive. Wouldn't it be great if we could store up time? I would love it if I could bottle up certain moments, ages of my children, trips, things like that. I could just open the bottle when I wanted to relive it...that would be cool.

Anyway, that's enough rambling.

So, we returned from our family vacation this past week and we had a marvelous time. We stayed in Sedona and went to the Grand Canyon. This wasn't my first visit the the Canyon but I gotta say, it never gets old. That first view gets me every time. I think it gets me because when I step up to that rail and look out at the grandeur of it all it reminds me that I am so very small in comparison. I know there is all this science around the forming of the canyon and the Colorado River and blah, blah blah, but I must say...God's thumbprint is all over that place. I can just see him reaching down from Heaven and with the simple scrape of his finger across the Earth, forming that breathtaking place. As I said, that place always reminds me of just how small I really am but that always leads me back to how priceless God says I am...and that overwhelms me. To stand on the edge of a cliff, staring out into the vastness of something that only God could have touched, I find myself humbled by the value he places on me.

"You can do this, and you want me?" I ask.

"I want you," He answers. 

I have seen a lot of the world. I still have much to see but I have seen such splendor and majesty that I have literally felt the presence of God in those moments. He lives in me, yes, but creation is crying out that He lives as well. Creation does not question it's creator, and yet it is me, a frail, sometimes selfish, sometimes unfaithful creation he wants. 

That leaves me speechless.

Our vacation was fabulous. I love spending time with these three who fill my world and heart with joy...

That whole time thing I mentioned earlier is definitely flying by. How can they be so big already? I truly want to enjoy every stage, as challenging as some of them are. I have one more year with my little one and then she is off to school...and I will be home alone after seven years...yikes. (and yay...haha!) I can only imagine how fast time must go for God, who sees past, present and future all at once. No wonder he sees today as a speck on his timeline. He already knows the ending! 

I am so thankful for this past week I had. Truly, I don't take for granted that God has blessed me beyond my dreams with this life I live. Oh, I don't mean anything monetary. I mean this little family he has given me, the revelation of who He is that fills me..and this hope I have. I am blessed beyond words. I hope your summer was filled with wonderful moments, but if it wasn't, I encourage you to cling to the hope of Jesus..and let the Creator of all things hold you close. 

From my family to yours..."happy end of summer!" 

My next post will be in my, "A Father's Heart" series. Stay tuned for it!   


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