God Marches In The Treetops

David is now king. The people have been looking to him as their leader already, but now it is official. He grew up a shepherd boy, so he understands that God has called him to be a shepherd to his people. He is humble and contrite before his God. His first task as king...

take back Jerusalem.

He sets out with his army, who is dedicated to him unto death, on a mission that seems impossible. He knows though, that God has called him to take back this holy city for his people. He knows that to refuse this task would be to refuse his God, and he will not do it.

The Jebusites, who have lived in Jerusalem, mock him when he approaches...but he does not stop. He takes back the city...God's city...for his people. Next, the dreaded Philistines hear about Israel's new king and so, in their arrogance, they set out in full force to search for him. When David hears this, his first reaction is to seek God.

"Go," the Lord says. "For I will surely hand the Philistines over to you." (2 Sam. 5:19)

So, David obeys. He defeats them once, but they come back for more. David asks the Lord what he should do and the Lord answers...

"As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the trees, move quickly, because that will mean the Lord has gone out in front of you to strike the Philistine army." (2 Sam. 5:24)

Once again, David obeys and the Philistines are defeated.

I read this, and my spirit jumped inside of me. My God can march in the tops of trees?! Yes...yes he can. God went before David and his army and because he did, they defeated the feared Philistines. Can you imagine it? Can you imagine the sound of God's army marching above your head, in the treetops?

I noticed something in reading this story. It wasn't until the third battle that we see God marching in the treetops. Sometimes, faith requires that we push forward with only the knowledge in our heart that God is with us and for us. Sometimes, God will call you to a choice, an action, without the sound of marching in the treetops but with the faith in your heart that He is who He says He is. It is those moments of faith that open the door for his power and glory to be revealed. It is those moments of submission that pave the way for the miracle. David conquered the enemy twice before this battle. God calls us everyday to conquer the enemy, in all kinds of ways. Sometimes those ways look so small and insignificant...but they are not. Every battle we fight and conquer is filling us with faith for the next one...for more of God's power at work in our lives.

I don't know what battle you might be facing, but I know that the same God who marches in the treetops, wants to march out in front of you, to help you conquer that battlefield. There is nothing our God cannot do. Where we see limitations, he has none. When there is nowhere for you to move, you can simply look up, and he will be there. God will make a way where there seems to be no way. If he has to split the sea, he will. If he has to march in the treetops, he will. If he has to make the sun stand still, he will! He will make a way! All he asks of us is that we believe and obey. It seems like such a small request. Just believe. Believe what he says, do what he says, and then stand back and watch the power of God work on your behalf. He will not fail you. Just like King David, we are called to simply listen and obey...and God will do the rest. If we humble ourselves before God...he will do the rest.

There is nothing our God cannot do.


To read the full account of the story go to 2 Samuel 5:1-25. 


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