In The Beginning...

"Quick! We need to hide from him." she said, grabbing Adam's hand to try and pull him along. "We can't let him see us like this!" she said in a panic. He looked at her, his brow furrowed, confusion obvious on his face. She felt every bit the way he looked, but she had the distinct feeling they were supposed to run...and hide. "Over here." she said pulling him down behind a cluster of trees. The smell of the Earth was all around them. She loved the blend of smells. The leaves of the trees, the grass beneath them. She closed her eyes and a tear escaped and rolled down her cheek.

What had she done? Oh, what had she done?

This feeling began to invade her heart, this feeling she had never experienced...and she didn't like it. She was suddenly aware of everything, mostly of herself. She felt this...fear...and it grabbed her heart so tight she could barely breathe.

Adam reached over and wiped the tear from her cheek and she opened her eyes to look at him. She reached up and grabbed his hand, feeling the fear radiating from him just as much as it was from her. She saw things in his eyes she did not understand and wondered if he saw those things in hers.

She heard the rustle of the trees and felt the soft breeze that always followed Hispresence. Every time he moved, the Earth itself stirred. This time though, she didn't rise up to meet him with anticipation. This time she sunk low to the ground and peered through the leaves cascading down from the tree. This time, she wanted to hide. Then she heard it.

His voice.

He was calling for them, saying their names.

"Where are you?" The questions filled her mind, her heart, her senses. 

Why did the sound of Hisvoice not fill her with peace? Why did it fill her with dread? Adam released her hand then, and she saw something come into his gaze that she didn't recognize. "I will go." he said with a hardness in his tone she had never heard before. He stood then and looked down at her, hands fisted at his sides, brows furrowed. She felt so small, crouched low, with him staring down at her.

This was her fault. This was all her fault. Why had she listened to the snake?!

"We are here." he said, still looking down at her, as he stepped from behind the trees. She felt a cloak of shame cover her and she covered her mouth with her hands to stop from crying out.

"We heard you walking in the garden, and didn't want you to see us naked." Adam said, sounding so very afraid and ashamed. She saw him, as she peered through the leaves, staring at the ground as he spoke, hands still fisted at his sides.  

"Who told you that you are naked?"He asked ever so gently. "Have you eaten the fruit I told you not to eat?"

Adam looked over at the trees then, and what she saw on his face sent a chill through her. She saw the anger, the regret, the disappointment. For the first time, she felt pain and oh, how she wished it away. 

"The woman you gave me, she gave me the fruit and I ate it," he said, pointing at her, the anger and pride clearly written in his stance and expression. She rose then, willing herself to come out of hiding. Head down, arms crossed over herself in an attempt to hide her shame, she stepped out of hiding. She did not look at either of them, afraid of what she would see.

"What have you done?" he asked, his voice but a whisper. 

"I-I'm sorry." Tears began to fall then. She could not stop them. "I listened to him." She pointed at the snake. "I-I let him deceive me...and I ate the fruit." She had never cried and it frightened her, but she was helpless to stop it. She felt so much sorrow. The weight of it felt like it would crush her. Then she felt a hand on her head.

Soft, gentle, loving.

Her tears began to subside then. She felt a fraction of the safety she was used to and it brought peace. She still did not want to look on him though. She felt unworthy to do so. He pulled his hand away then and that peace vanished. She and Adam both fell on their knees in front of him and then he began to speak in a way she had never heard before.

He spoke first to the snake, cursing him among all other animals for his wickedness. A sense of dread filled her as she listened to the voice of the one who knew her better than she knew herself. The wind stirred as he spoke and light flashed all around him. She was sure his voice could be heard throughout all the Earth.

What will he do to me?

Then, he began to speak to her but his voice was not filled with anger. His voice was filled with...sorrow. She could feel his sorrow and it made her weep all over again. He told her she would bare children through much pain. He told Adam that he would work for his food, work to stay alive until the day he returned to the dust of the Earth. He made a promise to them, though. He promised them that he would set things right again one day. He promised that he would save them from their mistakes.

He promised them a savior.

Then, he did something beautiful. At least, to her it was beautiful. He clothed them. He replaced their pathetic attempts at covering their shame with garments made by his own hands. He still loves us,she thought. She looked over into the eyes of Adam afraid now of what he might say or do, but in his eyes, she saw something beautiful.


Adam took her hand then and named her Eve because she would be the Mother of all who would live. He gave her a name! She still felt the cloak of shame, and regret weighed heavy on her, but she felt something else too. She felt hope. He promised them salvation and she knew him enough to know he would stand by that promise.

They had to leave the garden then, to face a world of uncertainty. So was so different now. Everything was unfamiliar, frightening. She reminded herself though, of the one thing that was the same.

He was the same.

She had sinned, Adam had sinned, but Hewas the same. Hewas love, life, light...and he was with them. She knew she would always carry the regret for her actions, but she also had experienced forgiveness for the first time, and it was beautiful. Hehad forgiven them! She knew she did not deserve forgiveness for she had willingly walked away from truth, but Heoffered forgiveness despite her actions. As long as Heloved her, she knew she would be okay, they would be okay. How Hecould love them after what they had done, she did not understand, but she would hold tightly to it. She would hold tightly to it until she was able to rest in the safety of his arms, in eternity; the place they had once lived and would again some day. 

Because of his mercy and grace they would again...some day.

Hey friends!  The full, accurate account of this story can be found in Genesis, chapter three. I have merely taken God's word and shared it in story form in hopes that it will wet your appetite for the real thing. God's word is where life is found! I challenge you to go to His word and let Him speak through it, straight to your heart! 


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