Vacation Week!

It's vacation week!! I am so looking forward to this week with my family. I've decided to go completely off the grid for the week. No phone, no computer....just my camera to capture the week. Oh, and my Kindle so I can read by the pool! :-D You should have heard my daughter's exclamation when I told her that I was turning my phone off. I don't think she believes I can do it. I believe I can!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know why you won't be hearing from me this week. I assure you it's for a good cause! :) I was thinking about the way our world interacts in this age. While I am very grateful for social media because it connects me with friends and family that are not close by, it does not replace the face to face, hand to hand contact that builds relationships. I love that social media allows me to invite others to watch me live my life...but sometimes it's okay to turn it off and just be...with no one watching!

So, I am looking forward to spending the week with the three people who make my world go 'round and just...being. I will be back next week and I will share all my fun stories (hopefully) and the little things I learned while I was out.

I love you all dearly and thank you so much for sharing life with me! Your willingness to share in my journey humbles me and fills me with gratitude.

Until next week...


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