Desperate For Revival

Our world is in chaos. Evil runs rampant, not just in the Middle East but everywhere. It is tempting to think we are all lost, that there is no hope. I challenge that thought with the truth that God has never left mankind abandoned. Never. The story of man is graphic, dark and scary...but the light of God has never been extinguished, not once.  There is hope. Do not give up, do not fear. The God who split the sea, made the sun stand still and walked on water is the same God who sees our chaotic, evil world today. He is not only watching, but he is moving with his sovereign hand in ways we cannot understand.

Revival is the cry of my heart. I will plead with God, on my face before him, for his spirit to be stirred like a mighty, rushing wind among his believers in this nation. Once, our nation was desperate for God to move and depended on him for their survival and victory. Today, we only turn to God when all else fails us. We fight, we bicker, we exercise all our freedoms of speech, religion and everything else while forgetting that desperation means laying all our perceived rights aside and saying,

"Please, oh please have mercy on us."

The Great Awakening that happened in this country in the 18th century, was characterized by revival that brought on a deep sense of conviction and redemption to many. Our country was still under the thumb of the British then and the Revolution had not yet occurred. Johnathan Edwards was a leader in this revival. His heart was stirred by his concern for the people of the colonies. He was concerned that they had become to concerned with material matters, only caring for their wealth and prosperity. His preaching was characterized by reminders that without God, every soul would die. He preached with such conviction that people were gripping the church pews as they listened and crying out for God to have mercy. He preached that we must remain desperate for God at all times, no matter our circumstance.

Perhaps we are on the verge of desperation. Perhaps we are going to be thrown into a dark, chaotic part of this world's history. What will we do if that time comes? Will we turn to our government for answers, will we take matters into our own hands? I want to see God work so visibly and clearly in this nation that He cannot be denied.

Let the sick be healed.

Let the dead come back to life.

Let the hearts of man be humbled before the God who chooses to forgive, when he could have cast us all away from him.

God has not turned away from his people because of the hardened hearts of some. This nation has plenty of dark spots in its history. There have been many moments when we have turned our face away from Him, but he has not turned his face from us.  If we turn from our evil ways, seek his face and pray, pray, pray, he promises to heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). He promises to stir like a mighty wind among us.

The solution to our problems is, and always has been...our God. Man cannot attack the evil of this world alone. Man is weak and incapable. With God though, nothing is impossible. I pray that as the darkness seems to grow around me, the light of God will fan into a brighter flame. Revive my heart, I pray. Be lifted up in me, I pray. Let your power and glory be revealed in me, I pray.

Make us desperate, Jesus. Make us desperate for you. Let our hearts be purified and let your glory fall on us, we pray...

Without you, we are nothing.


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