Friday Finds: Favorite Authors

I'm sure it doesn't surprise you to find out that I love to read almost as much as I love to write. There is something very powerful about storytelling. Jesus used stories to illustrate his truths. Who doesn't like a good story?!  And when that story shares truth...well, that is powerful. So, I read all the time. I have learned so much about other cultures, about history, about people, about myself, just by reading. I've learned from stories that are based on truth and stories that come from someone's imagination.

I read a lot as a child, then I stopped as I entered marriage and motherhood. (no time!) Interestingly, I picked up reading again when I started my journey through counseling. It was beyond amazing to me how many times the book I was reading would pull something out of me that I needed to deal with. God is in the details, folks! 

I could never begin to list all the Author's out there who are fabulous, but I do have a list of favorites. Some of these write fiction, some non fiction. All are awesome. So...for those who want to's my list. 

Paul - as in the Paul who wrote most of the New Testament. I love his story, his passion, his humility. He wrote truth...and it stirs our hearts still, today. I want to write like him. 

Francine Rivers - Seriously, folks...the woman makes me cry when I read her stuff. That takes talent! I read in an interview of hers once, that she is not a "writer who is a Christian" but a "Christian who writes." I love that. Jesus is the center of all of her stories and she unfolds humanity with raw emotion and detail. If you've never read her stuff...get to it! (Start with Redeeming Love...)

Francis Chan - I have read all three of his books and I love his style. I can hear his humble approach to some tough stuff when I read his books. The best thing...he practices what he preaches! 

C.S. Lewis - Well DUH! ;-) This man was a genius! To think that his books became movies...years and years after he wrote them. Wow. Only God can do that. Granted, when I read his stuff sometimes I have to read it again and again to get it in my head and heart...but man...once I get it....

Tamera Alexander - I have discovered her recently and I love her style. Like Francine, she uncovers the depth of the human heart through characters. In every book of hers I have identified with someone and learned something about myself through their story. Fabulous!

Jane Austen - OF COURSE SHE IS ON MY LIST! This woman was brave and girtty and wrote what others were not writing at a time when woman were not supposed to be who she was. You go Jane! :-D Her books are studied in literature, she is on the silver screen, she is even on British money! There is no one like Ms. Austen and I for one, "shall never tire of her." *grin*

On a side husband likes Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. I have not read there stuff yet but I am about to dive into some per my husband's insistence. I know that they deal with darkness in a way that no one else does and I am curious to see how they do it! 

So...let's add to my list! I am always looking for good author's! Who are you reading that you love? Do tell! 

Happy Friday Friends! 


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