Friday Finds: Scarves

I love scarves!!! I am so excited that it is fall..even though it still feels a little "summerish" here in the desert. Tonight, I am wearing my first one of the season. (I don't care if it is hot outside!) Scarves are great because they really compliment an outfit, not to mention there are tons of ways to wear them. And they are so snugly in the winter! (I'm always cold)

I only have a couple rules for myself when I wear a scarf.  I don't wear a scarf with a print on it if my outfit has a print or pattern on it. It makes me dizzy. So, if my outfit has some kind of design or pattern then my scarf will be a solid color that compliments the outfit. I wear my scarves that have prints or designs on them when my shirt or dress is a solid color. (not saying it's a fashion no no if you don't follow this rule because, really, you can do whatever you want these days and get away with it!)

Most of my scarf collection is solid colors. Mostly because even though I love fashion I tend to be practical and so I shop that way. (not always but mostly) I know I will get more wear out of a solid scarf than a printed thus, my scarf collection. My scarf today is not solid though! I found this one at Target for $4.00 and so I threw my practicality out the window for a good deal! :-D

Here is a cheesy picture of yours truly in my first scarf of the season:

I'm going to get better at this picture thing...I promise. 

My shirt is actually navy blue (looks black in the pic!) so this scarf is a good compliment. There are tons of ways to wear scarves too! Click here to see my board on Pinterest with lots of ideas on how to wear them. Seriously, the list of ideas might be endless. 

So, there you have it. Scarves are back in business for a few months in my closet! I'm going to wear mine tonight and pretend it's cold outside! 

Happy Friday friends! 


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