Is Truth a Trend?

Truth is not a trend. Truth does not change with the times. Truth is not an opinion.


This struggle is THE struggle of humanity. Man's flesh does not like absolutes. Society is all about reinventing truth and allowing each man to discover his own version of truth.

It can't be done, though.

For example, the truth is that there is one God, one Savior. That has never changed and never will. Man walks in deception when he thinks he can serve his own made up God. Maybe he has a false sense of peace, maybe he has found prosperity in this life...but he will face the only real God one day...and he will find himself empty and without defense in the presence of the Creator. God help us. Just because we craft our own version of truth does not make it so.

It doesn't make it so.

Society says that if God is unwilling to negotiate truth with us then he is stubborn and angry and judgmental and, well, people have given that impression of God. Many in the church have made truth a weight to be carried, a burden to live under...

Truth is not a burden though. Truth is a safety net. Truth is a security blanket. Truth is a compass pointing true North when the world is upside down in chaos.

Society is already trying to teach my girls that they should develop their own moral compass. Society is already throwing sexual immorality, pride, disregard for human life and false gods at them. Society is already trying to teach my girls that truth changes with the times, that it is in the eye of the beholder.


No matter what society tells my girls, I am going to be constantly looking them in the eye, grabbing their little faces and telling them what the truth is. Truth is not old fashioned, outdated or ridiculous.

The truth will set you free.

I will constantly be fighting the ways of the world in raising my children, but you better believe they are gonna hear it. They will know from me that their sexuality is a gift meant to be cherished and given to one man. They will know that God has called them to guard it, protect it and love it. They will hear from me that abstinence is not an absurd idea but the truth that keeps them walking in freedom. They will hear me telling them that life is sacred, no matter how it is conceived. They will hear me telling them their is only one God. They will hear the truth, because I will be saying it until I have no voice left to speak.  

See, I get it. The enemy is out there, using pain and destruction to twist the truth. He is yelling to so many that it's hopeless, that truth is to hard, to much, to impossible.

God makes all things possible.

Jesus shows up and rocks this world with truth. The truth is that it's not just a sin to murder, but to hate. It's not just a sin to have sex with someone outside of marriage, it's a sin to think about doing it. The religious leaders are scared senseless with this kind of talk because their hearts are full of darkness. The lost children of Israel feel momentarily defeated at his words because he speaks of perfection...and no one can attain that.

The truth though is that he has overcome the world. Even as he speaks this truth, he is preparing a way for all men to walk in truth, despite their inability to be perfect. He is not laying the truth out so we will be burdened by what we lack, but so we can rejoice when he makes all things possible.

Truth has never changed, but God in his mercy and compassion for our inability to follow truth has made a way for us to walk in his truth, despite our imperfection. We don't have to fear truth, which all of us do at some point. We fear it because it doesn't change, doesn't adjust for us, doesn't bend to meet our demand...and yet it is the thing that sets us free.

How is this possible?

Because freedom is found when we bend our knee under that unbending mantle of truth. Human nature does not want to bend it's knee to anything. Human nature is rebellious. Rebellion is destructive, though. Rebellion doesn't lead to life, it leads to death. Bending our knee to truth provides redemption because they only way we can bend our knee to truth is to find Jesus.


That mantle of truth rests on his shoulders, and when we choose truth, he tucks us safely in his embrace because he knows we cannot carry truth in our own strength. So, this struggle to walk in truth is not a struggle of whether or not we can "do it" but whether or not we are willing to bow our knee to Jesus and cling to him as he carries that mantle of truth. Why does truth set us free? Because, seeking truth means finding grace, forgiveness, deliverance, redemption...all things our rebellious nature will never bring us.

My girls are going to know the truth as they grow up. They are going to know that even if they don't choose truth, the truth is not going to change. They are going to know that when they leave truth and go after the lies, truth will always be there, welcoming them back. They are going to know all of this because they will see me do the same thing. They will see me wander from truth, then come back. They will see me stand for truth even when the world screams I am ridiculous. The truth is our light in the darkness. The truth is the freedom we crave. The truth is Jesus.

I am so thankful that my God does not thrust the mantle of truth at me and expect me to carry it alone. No, he doesn't do that. He asks me to carry a cross, something I can do...and you can too. Don't be afraid of truth. Even if you've wandered far from the truth, it is still there, waiting and wanting you to come back. You don't have to fear it nor do you have to create your own version to appease your imperfection. Surrender is all that is required to walk in truth. Surrender to a God of unwavering truth that loves you fiercely and without fail.

Jesus said to the people who believed in him, "You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:31


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