Salvation's Song

The salvation of man comes from her womb
No more will humanity be confined to a tomb

He will come forth light on his face
Away from us the darkness he will chase

From the blood of his veins will life be given
Far from us the enemy is driven

No more will man be slaves to sin
At long last their souls he will win

Silence will fill the day and night
As he enters hell to fight for our right.

Freedoms cry he will make
When from death the keys he takes 

Sing his song loud and clear
Finally we are free of fear

Loose your hold you serpent of old
For your doom has long been foretold

The bondage of death he thrusts away
In his arms of safety we are invited to stay

From the grave he has arisen
To man's hearts love has been given

Shake off your chains, oh, captive souls
The scars from his wounds will make you whole

See in his hands the price of your life
See in his eyes your freedom from strife

The chains will fall when we finally see
He gives us the freedom to simply be

Crown Him King, His praises sing
To him all honor and glory we bring

Death is defeated as Satan falls
Jesus Christ is forever Lord of all 


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