Friday Finds: Book Giveaway!

It has occurred to me...that I have never given my own book away. What kind of marketing is that?? Now, I KNOW that all of you have already purchased your own copy, so you don't personally need one :-D ...but someone you know does!

It has thrilled me to my toes to get little messages and emails from people, some of you even, telling me that they have read my book and God has done something through it. I can hardly express to you the joy that it brings me to hear that my story brings God glory. It's miraculous, really.

So anyway, today, for fun, I am going to give away a signed copy ( pictured right) of my book to one lucky winner!! To do this, I am going to multitask.


Yes, I am going to give you something but also accomplish something at the same time. So, there are a couple questions you have to answer to be entered. I am not "picking" a winner based on answers. The winner will be randomly chosen. You just have to answer to be entered. My questions for you are going to help me in pondering and bringing together my ideas for what I know is God's next project for me.


So, for the grand prize of a signed copy of my book....

1. What is your definition of the word forgiveness? (creativity allowed)

 2. Do you believe you can feel forgiveness in your heart?

 You can comment on the blog or comment on Facebook. You have until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night (1/11/14) to enter.

Okay, ready....set...go!

*this giveaway is sponsored solely by me and I own all rights to the book, My God Box, that I am giving away.*


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