Everything about Jesus defies logic. Everything. What we call up, he calls down. What we call right he calls wrong. This is why no one can come into salvation except for the Holy Spirit calling to them. What Jesus offers, what he did for us, it is beyond human,

beyond logic.

I have found myself recently, in my prayers, asking Jesus to fill me with that power that defies logic, that makes man tremble and leaves man speechless so that those who I come in contact with will know him. Really, the power is already there, living and breathing inside of me. I just need to pay attention to it and walk in it. I think the danger we face today, at least in my corner of the world, is apathy. The most dangerous thing we can do in this life is stop caring. When we stop caring we stop looking for more, for better. In reality, apathy is just selfishness on display. Harsh words? Well, it is truth my friend...truth. My self says "Who cares about them or what they think." My self says, "As long as I am good, nothing else matters."  Self says "Let them do what they want."

What if the disciples had been apathetic? These twelve men, they had walked with God. They had discovered the truth....and they could have hidden themselves away with the truth tucked inside. They didn't though. They were so overcome with the passion of Christ, they just couldn't be silent. Maybe that is the key here, friends. Maybe we need to be consumed with a little more passion for Christ. Something tells me Pastor Saeed, suffering in a prison cell right now, isn't struggling with passion for Jesus. Something tells me those who worship in the secret places because it is illegal to serve our God are not struggling with apathy. Passion for Jesus consumes these kinds of people because he is there only hope.

Desperation doesn't leave much room for apathy. 

Perhaps that should be my prayer..."Make me desperate, Lord." A bold prayer, a scary prayer...but not an apathetic prayer. If passion for Jesus consumes me, then desperation will always be the cry of my heart. Jesus was filled with passion and desperate for his starving, dying children. He was so filled with it that it led him to his death. Indeed, desperation leaves no room for apathy. God's power is available to me, I just have to be desperate for it. I just have to care about the world around me enough to choose it. The world didn't come looking for what Jesus had...he had to go out and give it to them.

I have to do the same.

The world is in need and it's up to me to care enough to go out and find them. It's up to me to lay hands on the sick and let God's power work through me to bring healing. It's up to me to be desperate for those who don't care for them the way Jesus does. I have been given very much...and I know much is required.

Will you join me, friend? Will you join me in asking Jesus to make you desperate, to move your heart with such fierce compassion that you can't help but do something? I once walked in apathy. For many years I did...but that's all different now. Now, I choose to care, even at the expense of my own pain. Now, I choose to give my heart freely, openly, even if it is returned in pieces. I choose all of this because I know the healer, the one who puts hearts back together...over and over again. I choose him and all that comes with following him. Oh that we would all understand what is at stake, that we would forsake all else, for the joy of knowing Jesus. We must care, friends. We must care enough not to turn our heads away, but to get on our hands and knees, in the dirt, where we once lived, and rescue others.

We must be desperate for this world around us...


"Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.They weep as they go to plant their seeds, but they return with the harvest." Psalms 126:5-6


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