"Not Just A Mom"

I feel compelled today, to remind all the moms out there how great you are! It may be easy to believe the lie that you are inferior because you "aren't like her." I absolutely identify with that lie. Comparing ourselves to each other is what we girls do best...or worst...or whatever. The fact is, God has a special place in his heart for us girls...all of us. Being a mom isn't all that glamorous. It seems like a three ring circus most of the time. Keeping a house in order, being a chef, being a chauffeur, being a shopper, making bottles, cleaning toilets...aah! Seriously though, I know how the enemy likes to deceive in this area. I know how easily he can make me feel less than enough, inferior to the rest of the world, like what I do is not all that important.

Oh, cont-rare!  

The fact is, mom, you were destined by God to be the mom to those cute little faces with spaghetti all over them. The fact is they need you in their life more than they need anyone walking the planet. Don't you dare start to believe the lie that someone else would be a better mom! Don't you dare start to believe the lie that you need to keep up with the Jones' down the street to be deemed a worthy mother. You are the mother God destined to be in that family. Your children are God's glory on display and he chose you to bring forth that glory. Don't be deceived, friend. You are irreplaceable and priceless.

All those little crafts they bring home that they made especially for you that you secretly want to throw away because really, how many can you keep....they all point to one thing:

Your kids love you a whole lot.

When my kids are grown and I sit in my quiet, clean house, with lots of time on my hands to do what I want when I want...I will remember those silly little crafts, those homemade cards, those "special treats" they made just for me, the endless piles of laundry and dishes, the dirty rooms always needing to be cleaned, and I will smile...

and maybe cry a little..

Because it sure did go fast...and I sure do miss it.

So, here's to you Mom. You are a good and perfect gift to your kids. Whether you stay home with them or juggle a job at the same time...be you and be happy to have the job of Mom to the kids God has entrusted in your care.

Remember, every person great in history was raised by somebody...

it might as well be you!


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