Big And Brave

Today, a conversation with my little girl hit me in the heart, revealing yet another piece of Jesus too me. She suffers from allergies and has her whole life. She was not feeling well today and so she was asking me about her allergies. She wanted to know why...why does she have them. How does a mommy answer that question? I gave it my most honest attempt.

"Because, baby, this world is not perfect and these bodies are not either." 

"Will I always have these allergies, mommy?"

"No, sweet girl, you won't. Jesus will heal you one day." 

"But why doesn't he take them away now?" 

My goodness, this was hard. I had to ask Jesus in that moment what to say to her because I didn't know...I really didn't know...

"I don't know why you still have them, sweetheart, but we can trust Jesus. He is making you into a strong little girl and one day you will do something big and brave for him." 

It was in that moment that I was doing my best to answer her very innocent and honest question, that I saw myself....

I saw myself in her place, asking the same questions of Jesus...

"Why, Jesus? Why do I have to suffer?"

"Because, my dearest, you live in this place, this world." 

"Will I always suffer, Jesus? Will it always be this way?"

"Oh no, beloved. won't always be this way." 

"But, why can't you just fix it now, take the pain away now?"

He smiles, the same smile I offer my sweet little girl....

"Because I am making you strong, so you can do something big and brave."

Make me strong, Jesus. Make me strong, so I can do something big...and brave.


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