Relief For The Weary

Sometimes, what we do to deal with our deepest hurt, is we learn to live with it. Imagine a permanent injury to your body. Once the initial swelling and infection goes away, you learn to live with any permanent damage. 

I think we do the same thing in our souls. 

Hurt comes at us, always catching us off guard. Sometimes, the hurt cuts so deep we cannot even see to the end of the pain. Our natural reaction to pain is to protect what hurts. When it is our heart, our soul that is wounded, we find ways to live around the pain. At least I did. I think this is human reaction though, so I don't think I'm only writing to myself here. 

The fact is, when we are working so hard to protect this deeply painful part of ourselves, we are so focused on that pain that we don't even realize the new damage we are doing to ourselves in trying to protect it. Maybe this is why Jesus has so much compassion for our weary souls. He sees the truth of what we are doing. 

We are just trying to protect ourselves from more hurt. 

The foolishness of this is that in trying so hard to protect the old hurt, we pave way for new hurt. For me, this translated as a desperate need to please people so they would approve of me, call me worthy. I just knew if I had done more, been better, the hurt wouldn't have happened. Of course, people disappoint. Every time that happened, new hurt found its way inside, pulling me further into the sinking sand of my own pain. Exposure is the key. Oh, it's hard. It's so very hard. The devil screams so loud in his attempts to thwart us that we can't hear anything else. 

"You can't tell the truth, people will look down on you!" 

This little lie carries many through life, keeping them bound up tight with festering wounds. I say again, though, 

exposure is the key. 

Nothing hidden in darkness can heal. Light brings warmth, hope, joy and restoration. The scariest part of living in darkness is the very thought that light might find you. We spend all our energy keeping the light out, every sliver, every beam...because we think we need to hide. I can only speak from my own experience. I lived in the dark place for many years. It was cold, lonely, filled with shame and hopelessness. Today, I walk in the light. In the light I found exactly what I wanted. 

I found relief. 

Relief is a beautiful thing, my friend. Relief is a big long stretch at the break of a new day, a drink of water for a parched throat, a morsel of food for an empty stomach, a salve for a festering wound. Indeed, relief is something we are all seeking in this life. Well, it is found in the light of Jesus. Relief comes to us through the light of Jesus. There is no need to hide the shame of your pain. There is no need to live in darkness, allowing your life to be dictated by the wounds of your past. Your wounds can be healed. You can be whole. You can find relief. For every lie of the enemy there is a truth that fights it...

You think your dark is too dark? Jesus is endless light. (John 8:12)

You think you're too stained, too dirty? Jesus says he makes all things new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) 

You think your mess is too big? Jesus has overcome the world. (John 16:33)

No, friend, no. There is no wound you are "destined" to live with. If so, it is by choice. Jesus stands before you, ready to shine light on it all and heal it all...

Step into the light and find the relief you crave. It's there....



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