Monday's Simplicity

I've been thinking about the world my kids are growing up in and how different it is from what even I knew as a kid. We live in the modern age, the techie age, the future...but I find myself wondering if maybe all this progression has pushed the things that matter out of the way...


In this world, it's all about fast. How fast can you text me back? How fast can you answer an email? How fast can you get my food from the oven to my mouth? We pride ourselves on fast and we even advertise fast. Smart phones are't considered very smart if there is more than a two second delay in connections. Fast food isn't fast food if we have to wait more than five minutes. The weekend can't get her fast enough, then when it's gone, there aren't enough hours in the week to get all the work done. Life is all about how quickly we can get from A to B. I remember as a little girl, being on the highways in Germany where they have no speed limit. I remember how fast my dad drove (always over 100) and how the scenery got more and more blurred the faster he went.

The faster we go, the more we miss.

We live under this deception that if we go faster, we will get to point B and enjoy it more. I wonder though, if it's not mean to be about the journey from A to B more than the getting there. I know I'm bad about this one. Always looking ahead, always striving for the next thing. Meanwhile, life is happening around me and I'm missing the moments.

Missing the moments....

Personal Touch 

All the senses work together in the human body. If you've ever picked up a glass of 7up thinking you were about to chug some water, you know what I mean. Your sight tells one thing, your tongue something else and you cough and sputter at the shock. What's the first thing we notice when we walk into a coffee shop? If you love coffee, like me, you breath deep of the scent of roasted coffee beans. Your nose is already sensing before anything hits your tongue. What about human contact? What about that feeling you get when someone you love wraps their arms around you and gives you a hug? What about the sound of their voice, the smile on their face, the scent on their shirt? The truth is, we are meant to have contact with each other, and not through a computer screen. The truth is, we are meant to hear the sound of each other's laughter, to eat together, to walk together. We are meant to come in contact with each other. It brings all the sense together in a beautiful way. We look at social media and think we are more connected than ever but I contest that theory. It looks to me like the art of face to face fellowship is becoming a thing of the past. Sure, social media is great because it gives us glimpses into each other, but really, it's just glimpses. A typed out comment will never replace the sound of joy in someone's voice or the real hug from a friend.

I recently received something in the mail that was a huge surprise and very exciting to me. My first reaction was to post the news on all my social media sites so everyone could share in my joy. Then I stopped and asked myself if that's how I wanted to share it. Did I want to get a bunch of likes and comments from everyone? Well no, actually, I decided I didn't. I decided that instead, I wanted to share my joy face to face with real live people. The surprise I received came in the form of a handwritten note of encouragement from someone I really look up too, which also got me thinking.

When is the last time I received or gave a handwritten card?

I can't recall, if I'm being honest. I've sent plenty of Facebook messages and emails, but an actual handwritten card? Not in a while. And you know what? It felt good to open that card. I felt loved because someone had taken the time to write out a card, address an envelope, stamp it, and drop it in the mail. Yes, it takes more time to do this than to send an instant message...but I think it might be worth the extra effort. I think it brings far more encouragement to a soul when we go out of our way to say something to them than when we take the fast route. The cold stare of a computer screen will never replace the value of personal touch.

Slow down....

set a coffee date...

send a card....

Are these things outdated? Old fashioned? Maybe so, but I think these things still speak to the soul like nothing else. I think simple living means going back to those things, and I'm going to do just that. If I let go of things that don't really matter, I will have time for what does matter.

So, as another step towards living a simple life, I've decided to pick up the habit of sending out little notes every week because I have time...I really do have time. I'll let go of something that doesn't matter so I can do something that does. Hey, you might even get a little note from me one day!

Here's the one I'm sending out today!

So, if you are up for the challenge, I say join me! Grab a card and write someone a note of encouragement. Let's be honest, friends, we do have time to go out of our way to encourage each other. How can we not have time for that? How often did Jesus go out of his way on his journey somewhere because he knew he would be meeting someone who needed his touch? Indeed, someone needs his touch today, through me....and through you too.

Let's slow down. Lets make time for what matters... 

Lets live simply.

"And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and do good works." Hebrews 10:24


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