A Merit of Success

Yesterday was a very long day for us. We are still finding our groove in this school thing so some days 
are taking longer than others. I managed to wash a load of clothes, but it was just added to the pile on the couch that needs folding. Let's not discuss how long that pile has been there. At least my family knows where to go dig when they need clean underwear! ;-D When we finished school, I had to run to the store. 

Of course, my kids wanted to go with me. 

You would think, after spending HOURS with just me, they would say, "No mom, you go have a bit of alone time, we will stay here and play." It would appear, though, that the more time they spend with me the more time they want to spend with me.


I knew I was testy. I heard myself sounding grouchy and frustrated. I felt the grouchy inside myself. (anyone with me?) You know, it's like that crawly feeling on the outside when you think there is a bug on you...except it is inside. I did something, though, that I don't always (maybe rarely) think to do in those moments. I started mentally listing things I was thankful for.  

Shall I share?

The sky was full of white, fluffy clouds. This is a rare treat in the desert and so I admired them and thanked God for them. 

As we were waiting in a line, I saw a mom with her son that had special needs. I whispered a prayer for her to have strength and thanked God for my two girls. I've got it easy compared to some. 

I saw a man on a bike, juggling bags of groceries, and I thanked God for my car that gets me to the store in under five minutes. He might have been doing it for the exercise, but still...perspective. 

By the time I got home, I felt better. Truly, the crawly feeling inside was fading and my perspective was back on track. Did I tackle the laundry pile? Nope. Did I mop my very gross floor? Nope. I did bake bread. I have a bread machine, though, and all I do is throw all the ingredients in there. It does all the work. So, that might not really count either. :)

My organized, get it all figured out, side wants things to be running smoothly yesterday, not later. I am reminded, though, of some of the lessons I've been learning lately.

Keep it simple...

Live in grace...

Let go...

I am doing what matters. I am pouring myself into my girls. I am holding the flashlight for them, as they make new discoveries. I am loving my family with all that is in me. I am listening to that small voice inside and giving it my best when I hear a gentle plea to do something...or not do something. 

At the end of the day yesterday, the laundry was waiting, the floors were still gross and the chore chart STILL wasn't up on the wall. It's all good, though. It's all good because I did snuggle my kiddo's before bed. I did sit with my hubby in the quietness of evening and drink a cup of tea. 

I did what really matters yesterday and so it was a success.

I do have a plan today that might help me get some things done other than school, but I'm not going to stress. If the pile is still on the couch tonight and the floors are still gross...well...I'll add it to the next to-do list... 

and probably snuggle my kiddo's again before bed...

and chat with my hubby when he gets home...

and whatever happens, I'll call it a success. 

Because success isn't measured in cleanliness and organization. In fact, success can't really be measured because it is different for each of us. So, I'll embrace today, and call it a success, no matter what it holds...because years from now, my girls won't remember the organization, the cleanliness, the lists...

they will remember the love, the grace and the kindness. 

So, here's to another day. May it be full,

and my heart along with it. 


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