Bring The Rain

My family is away this week, away from the hustle and bustle, the demands of everyday life. For five days, our little family is just being. Phones are off, emails are in the waiting room and we are just being...


As I write this, I am sitting in momentary silence, as my little tribe has run off to hunt the hillside for treasures. It rained today...ALL day. For desert dwellers, this is a sweet smell, sound, sight...a lovely thing indeed. We made the most of it. We swam in the rain, something new and fun for my girls. We napped and watched TV. We drank warm tea...

we rested. 

As I sat and listened to the steady drip of rain on the balcony and watched the droplets cling to tree limbs and branches, I was reminded of just how valuable the rain is. Oh, the sun is glorious to behold. It lights the day, illuminates the path ahead, brings warmth..

but oh, the rain. 

I watched the rain create streams on the streets, into the ravines, over rock beds. I watched people hurry from one building to the next, tucked under jackets and umbrella's. I watched the clouds low and heavy, cover the beautiful Red Rock and hillsides of Sedona, making it seem as though they were no longer there.

 Rain is a commanding presence that refuses to be ignored. 

We can no more control it's path than the rays of sun that bake the surface of the Earth. We make our plans, but when the rain comes, we are forced to submit to its presence. The fragrance left behind by the rain today has left this place smelling fresh and clean. The Red Rock that is a trademark of Sedona is a richer, deeper red than I've seen before. The clouds that broke away from the heavy downpour hang white and fluffy over what is already a breathtaking view adding another dimension of beauty to it all.

The rain has left this place beautiful.

I wonder, why is it that I often run from the rain that God undoubtedly wants to send to my soul? Why is it that I only see the soaking, the cold water, the gray sky? Why do I not see the cleansing, the clean fragrance, the moist soil that the downpour leaves behind? Perhaps I'm not meant to run and hide from the rain but to stand in it,

dance in it. 

I love when the warmth of the sun shines on my soul, but can I imagine a life with no rain? I have tasted the sweetness of the rain. I have felt the cleansing streams of it flowing through my life. I have seen the seeds begin to grow from the moist, rich soil of my heart brought by the steady drip of a good cleansing rain.

Indeed, I have seen the beauty of the rain. 

I am reminded, as I enjoy the blessing of a rainy day, that cleansing, healing and growing do not come without rain. Sunshine cannot on its own produce all that is necessary to sustain life. We are all, whether we want to see it or not, in desperate need of rainy days. In our lives, these days become seasons. The rain will come - it will come to all of us - and when it does, we can choose to run and hide or stand in the middle of it and let its downpour soak through to our deepest parts.

 Perhaps the mark of maturity in my life is when I stop begging God to protect me from the rain but instead ask him to bring the rain. A soul safe in the arms of God need not fear the swell of waves created by the rainy storm. A soul safe in the arms of God can dance, sing and rejoice in the rain.

So, with eyes raised to Heaven, I lay my heart out before my God and whisper a timid, but desperate prayer...

 Let my trust in you, Lord, be the blanket over my soul when the rain is cold, heavy and soaking. Let my soul be filled with joy when I see clouds roll in, ready to unleash waves of water that threaten to drown me. Let my courage be the knowledge that you are my anchor, my shelter when the storm is raging. Give me faith to look at the approaching clouds and smile, because I know the rain will leave behind cleansing and healing and growth...

Bring the rain, Lord...

bring the rain. 


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