Monday's Grace

The lists are endless. Everywhere you look, you see...

work to be done. 

The floors are speckled with leftover dinner, or maybe it's breakfast from days ago. The laundry basket is like a nagging, cackling old bird, laughing at you because it will always win. You don't know what is for dinner today, much less the rest of the week. You cringe at the reminder of dust layered on places in your home, wondering when that will ever fit into your to-do list. The kids climb out of bed, asking for food before they've even rubbed the sleep from their eyes. There really is no completion day in sight for this job and that thought makes you want to go hide somewhere, away from it all. 

I have good news for you today...

There is no measuring stick. What she does in her home is not the measure of your success. The article you read about ten different ways to plan a month of meals, that is not the measure of your success. How much laundry waits in the basket, or how clean the floors are, or how shiny the windows are...

those are not measures of your success. 

Comparison is the enemy of peace and it will suck the life out of you. Don't do it, friend. Don't look in someone else's window and make a checklist for yourself based on what you see there. Don't measure your success by someone else's story. 

Live in your story. 

My story has changed recently and drastically. My days are full. I'm still learning how to fit the necessary in my everyday and I have lists of to-do's that could still be there at Christmas. The laundry basket is never empty, the microwave is always dirty, and cereal is the staple breakfast item around here. Oh, I have goals, plans, dreams of organization ahead. Still, I'm not there yet. 

It's okay, though. 

I can be in this place, I can have unfinished tasks, never started tasks, bad days, hide in the corner days...and it's still okay. I know it's okay because I know what grace is. At last, after years of hunting and searching, of trying to measure up, I know what grace is. Grace says come as you are, not as you want to be. Right now, in this moment, grace is enough for me. 

Grace is enough for you, too. 

Don't do it, friend. Don't zap that place in you that begs for grace with a to-do list, a measuring stick for success. Let that place fill up with grace and let it overflow into every part of you. Often, what we think matters, really doesn't. Grace teaches us to look deeper, to find the meaningful in the meaningless. 

Your doing a good job, you know? You aren't perfect, you are human. You aren't a performer, you're a mom, a wife, a co-worker. Don't dance to the tune of other people's lives. Find the rhythm of your own story and dance with delight to that tune. So what if laundry waits. So what if cereal is for breakfast instead of home cooked goodness. 

So what. 

If you lay your head down at night and you've loved well, you've forgiven, you've had compassion, you've spoken life...then you've won. And on those days when life gets the best of you, when compassion and kindness and forgiveness are just another unchecked to-do in grace. Grace will dust you off while you sleep, restore your soul, fill you with peace, and give you strength to get up and start fresh. 

Live your story, friend. Be in your moment. Forget the worry of the unfinished or the unexpected. Rest in grace and let the master of time do the hard work. You aren't called to measure up, to compare yourself, to finish a list marked, successful. The voice of grace is whispering to you, just like it whispers to me, to let go. Let go of your need to be more, and jut be. 

On this Monday, this first day of the new week, let's commit to letting go of those measuring sticks, of those lists that we think define us and let's juts be...

in this moment....

in this life...

in the gift of grace... 


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