What's In Your Sink?

Dishes is my least favorite chore. The sink is never empty! Everyday, dishes...dishes....dishes! I was thinking about my distaste for doing dishes the other day and I heard a little whisper inside that made me giggle.

"Your soul is like a sink."

Wait, what? I don't think I have ever compared my eternal, living soul to a sink. Sure enough, though, I heard that in my heart, so I started thinking on it.

Then it hit me.

I try to go to bed with an empty sink. Something my mom did when I was a kid so I picked up the same habit. I hate waking up with plates full of crusty sauces or, heaven forbid, the dreaded dried oatmeal on a bowl. I'm not saying it never happens. Please, I'm being real here. It happens. Still, it's my goal to empty it out every night. I stand there, suds filling the sink, rag in hand, and I scrub until the job is done. The thing about it is, no matter how much I dread going to the sink when it is full, I always feel relief when I can see the bottom of that silver, wet sink.

In the same way that I stand there day after day and clean out that sink, God is standing at the sink of my soul...ready to do dishes. 

What a picture! My God, my all powerful, all knowing God, standing at the sink, rag in hand, scrubbing away the grime. As giggly as it made me to think about, it also stirred my heart to think that God is always there, ready to get his hands wet. I realize to that the "dirty dishes" that fill the sink of my soul, they come from me waltzing with the ways of this world.

Our days are full of choices, aren't they? We choose constantly to serve ourselves, or to serve God and others. My negativity, it fills that sink up. My harsh words, they fill that sink up. My refusal to let go of what I cannot control in the first place...that fills up the sink in my soul.

At the end of the day, I've either got a sink full of dirty dishes in my soul, or I've got a shiny, silver, empty sink. 

The beauty of this silly little analogy is that all I have to do in this case is ask my God to come scrub away the dirt. He doesn't dread the dirty dishes that fill my sink. He won't put it off until the sink is overflowing and out of control. He will gladly come anytime I ask, stand at the sink in my soul, and do the dishes. I have a sneaking suspicion that he might even enjoy it!

God is always ready to restore us, friends. He is always ready to make us new, clean us out, start us on a better path. No matter the pile of dishes we've collected, no matter how old the dirt and grime, he is always ready to get his hands wet and scrub until we are clean.

So, I find myself on this Monday morning, asking you this funny, but maybe a little profound question that my God asked me....

What is in your sink? 


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