Be Okay With Today

Be okay with today. That is what I jotted down in my journal this morning as I was praying and thinking. It's so easy, especially for busy Mom's, to look at the approaching day and dread it, stress out...

want to hide under the covers.

This season is very full for me. Not only are we doing the school at home thing, I've now entered into the, "chauffeur the kids from point A to B" stage. Add the "normal" everyday stuff, and the days seem to just fly by. I'm an organizer. I like neat, tidy, routine. This is good...and bad. It plays very much into the struggle to perform, to get it all right and perfect. Funny how our strengths can also be our weaknesses.

Letting go is the struggle I face pretty much every day of my life.

The truth is that no matter how I plan and plot, no matter how I organize, I can't plan everything. I can't control everything. So, the Lord say...

Be okay with today.

I get it. Be okay with letting go. Be okay with not always knowing what is coming. Be okay with cranky kids. Be okay with unwashed...everything. Be okay with those two things on yesterday's to-do list that didn't get done.

Be okay with today.

I choose, everyday. I choose to look upon the day with great joy and gladness, or I choose to look upon it with dread and anxiety. There is one lie the enemy throws at us, especially us mom's, that can snatch the joy away quicker than we can blink. The lie comes with tag lines like...

"If my husband would just..."

"If my kids would just..."

"If I could just..."

All if's that he spins around in our mind to make us think that "thing" out there, that "thing" we can't seem to grab a hold of...he makes us think that "thing" will bring contentment. The bold faced lie he won't come right out and say is,

Your life needs to be different for you to be happy. 

When I listen to the lie he spins, I forget. I forget that the season I'm in is ordained by God, to bring forth good things in me. Instead, I start doubting God, trying to tell him what to do, trying to do more stuff in order to get his get him to do something when the truth is..

He is doing something.

He is doing something in you, in me. He is watering seeds planted in our heart. He is tilling the soil so we can bloom where we are planted. He is doing a good and beautiful work in our hearts. When I forget to be okay with today, I visibly see the affects of it in my life. I become impatient with my family, disgruntled with my to-do list. I withdraw into myself, and I let the grass on the other side of the fence look oh so much better.

It's not, though.

I know it's not better because it's not where I've been planted. If I trust God, really believe that he has plotted out my steps, then I know I am right where he wants me. If I believe him, then I know I need to be here, in the middle of my little world, doing what is right in front of me.

Do I believe him?

Yes! I choose to believe that my God has weaved my life in such a way that I am exactly where he wants me. Even with my failure before me, even with my flesh warring against my spirit, he still manages to design my life exactly how he wants it to be. So, I will trust him...believe him...

be okay with today.

So, what'll it be, friend? Want to join me in choosing to look at this day, this only moment you really are sure is happening, and being okay with it? You are right where you need to be. You don't need to do anything to get God's attention. He sees you, where you are right now, and He loves you. So, trust him, believe him...and be okay with whatever today brings.


  1. Thanks! This is exactly what I needed to hear today as I deal with post vacation syndrome. Now...onward and upward for the rest of the day! :)

  2. Thanks friend! I'm glad your home!! :)


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