The Beauty Of The Forgotten

What? You think that mistake you made yesterday, this morning, a minute think it ruins your chances? 

It doesn't.

You think God stands at the doors of Heaven, with a stick, pushing it into your chest, keeping you away because you messed up? 

He doesn't.

Your soul needs refreshing, daily. My soul needs refreshing daily. Choosing Jesus doesn't mean a mistake free life. Oh, I wish it did. It means one thing...

you are covered.

Your mistake is covered, your sin is washed away. Your imperfection dims in the light of his perfection. Your weakness is his strength. Every weakness is his strength.I used to see myself walking into God's presence alone, all dirty and stained. 

I thought Heaven was mocking me. 

I thought this because I didn't see Jesus being able to erase my shame, even if some of the shame was cast on me by others. 

"Jesus, I just don't think you are enough." 

That's why I tried walking into God's presence alone. Might as well face the music. 

"I'm broken, and it's not fixable." 

But, I was wrong. I've discovered grace, mercy, redemption. Redemption is messy, it isn't a Christmas cookie cutter. It happens over and over as I mess up over and over. 

But the blessed, glorious, wonderful truth is, IT HAPPENS. 

Redemption is Jesus, hoisting me up into his arms, and carrying me into the presence of a very Holy, perfect God. 

"Oh, she's with you, Jesus?" 

"Yes, she's with me." 

"Well, then all is well."

THAT is the conversation going on in Heaven over me today. That conversation happens everyday, but some days I ignore it. Some days I believe the lie that this mistake, especially this one I keep making again and again, it is not fixable. 

How about you?

What is the mistake you think doesn't qualify for redemption? Remember, redemption is messy, down in the mud messy, 

but it is oh so beautiful. 

It says come as you are not as you wish you were. 

Today, your mistake, my's covered...covered and forgotten. If you will just believe. The chalkboard that shows the ugly truth of our imperfections, it is erased. Don't stand at the chalkboard, begging God to put the marks back, friend. Don't try to grab the chalk and write them out again. 

They've been erased. 

Put down the chalk,  step away, and behold the beauty of the forgotten. 

The marks are gone...erased and forgotten. 

It's the beauty of redemption. 


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