Do You Really Matter?

Today, in the midst of all that matters to you,

remember that you matter. 

You matter more to this big, gentle, fierce and tender God than you can fathom. He sees you. He knows you.

He knows your name. 

Nothing stops my feet from pounding the pavement like the whisper of my name on his lips.  Just to be reminded that he knows who I am.

That he notices me.

The world is full of souls that we forget to notice. Every day, all the time, we pass by...and so many feel forgotten.

But God doesn't forget. 

He forgets our sin, he forgets our shame, but he doesn't forget our name, doesn't forget that He loves us. God notices, he is attentive. He bends down low, his word says, to listen. He presses his ear to the Earth not because his ears are old and worn, but because he insists on proving his love.

He insists. 

This God that says you matter to Him, His talk isn't cheap. He will gladly show you his wrists with holes in them, gladly show you the proof of his love, the proof that you matter.

Life is happening, battles are raging, and that is not going to change until the day when God whispers that he is ready to receive his bride. The war is won, but the battles rage. Don't be confused, friend. Don't believe that because you have to fight, have to battle on, that God has looked away from you, forgotten you.


His ear is pressed close, his eyes are on you and He knows your name. Fight as fierce as a warrior, because you remember that right there, on the tapestry of history, is a place that proves you matter.

 Someone really did prove that you matter. 

Not just someone. The only someone. What good would it do to be loved by someone who could not free you from the chains of the grave? Indeed. The one with the power to rip the chains of death from the hand of darkness, the only one with the power to do so...did.

For you. 

You can believe, today, that all the battles, all the fighting, that it doesn't prove your soul is cheap and worthless.

It proves that you are worth fighting for. 

Only trash is thrown aside and forgotten. Only waste is left rotting in the ditches. You will find no trash in the kingdom of Heaven. You will find weary travelers, happy to be home. You will find broken souls, restored to wholeness. You will hear story after story of redemption, of shattered pieces put back together...but never will you find trash there. Never. The battle rages on for you because darkness wants to claim you as desperately as light wants to free you. The truth is that a battle rages for you because you matter.

 Someone maybe told you once that you weren't worth much. Someone maybe forgot to tell you once that you are worth much. Either way, what matters now is that the only one with the power to do anything about it, has.

Today, in all the fighting, in all the traveling, in the middle of your mess...remember that you matter. Don't give up the fight because you're convinced you aren't worth the effort. You can keep fighting, even when it's hard. All of this, all this fighting, all the battling, it adds up to something...

The price of your worth has been paid. 

You are seen. You are known. You are wanted. 

"I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayers for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath!" Psalms 116:2


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